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  1. Iowa State has finally put Cardinal masks on the cardinal helmets. It's been a long wait to see this look. Via the @CycloneEQUIP Twitter page
  2. New dark grey uniforms for Iowa State. Personally not a fan of the look.
  3. Not sure if this is relevant but, I thought it was pretty interesting
  4. At least Louisville can just say they were dressed up for Halloween. Those are terrible.
  5. Haven't seen this mentioned, Iowa State Athletics twitter said the team will wear the gold jerseys for homecoming this weekend. Cardinal pants are necessary if the gold jerseys are worn.
  6. Iowa state is wearing gold pants on the road. It's the first time they haven't worn white pants on the road since 2011 iirc Iowa state is wearing gold pants on the road. It's the first time they haven't worn white pants on the road since 2011 iirc
  7. If I remember correctly, that's Minnesota's original photo from when they debuted the new helmets, no?That's right. You can see the "S" from ski-u-nah on the back bumper as well
  8. That looks great. Definatly looking forward to the rest of this series
  9. Numbers look white to me. That pants stripe is a big upgrade... I've been asking for that for years. I'm watching a different tv now and the look white so I guess I was wrong. But the pants are a huge upgrade
  10. 2 questions about Ohio state. Have the endzone always had grey lettering? I remember it being white but I may be wrong. And is it just me or do their numbers look silver from some angles and white from others? Might just be my tv but I'm not sure
  11. I'm 99% positive those are fake so I don't think you need to sweat it. If they are real they're really bad though
  12. Would this new rule include Utah state's new set. And maybe even cal and other teams with logos imprinted in their numbers?
  13. i think the new jerseys paired with the old helmets and a new font would be perfect
  14. lol new york! 2 baseball, 2 basketball, 3 football (buffalo), and 3 hockey lol how u miss them?? haha youre right. I cant believe I missed new York. they would be a good one too
  15. this is really cool. you should defiantly do some more. Boston, Phoenix, Chicago, Minnesota, D.C. Denver, Miami, Philly all have 4 major sports teams. I don't know if I missed any, but this could be a really cool project
  16. I really like it. I think you should just make the "s" logo on a straight shield. Uniforms to follow?
  17. I agree with aci. As an Iowa state fan I loved the way red vs. blue (Tulsa) in the liberty bowl looked. It was much better than when we played them in the regular season, red vs. white. I would post pics but I'm on my phone
  18. Those look great. Definatly one of the best bowl signatures I've seen. If you're taking requests, could you make a Liberty Bowl one?
  19. Kansas is wearing black jerseys/pants with a white helmet. The helmet looks ok with the jayhawk on it, but everything else. No. And there's no red on the jersey or pants
  20. I like the idea you went with for Toledo but I would strongly recommend you flip the rocket on the pants so it's going up. Other than that it's great
  21. Saw this. Don't know anything about it but it looks different than last years
  22. I think the helmet would look great (for a one time and one time only thing!) if they made the helmet blue on both sides and left the gold stripe down the middle with the same effect. Looking similar to last years UGA Pro Combat but with out the 2 colored mask. and had a stripe on both sides of the pants
  23. Hopefully I'll turn on the tv when nebraska is set to play wisconsin and i see that adidas has made a the uniforms seen above. Great Work
  24. They haven't had any issues with the 49ers. This set is really nice. I like the retro inspired look it. Great job. Very true...