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  1. No we didn't move up to hyperelites, we just jumped on the bandwagon with every other school who switched to the "spartacus" template. It was really the only move with the new identity that bothers/ed me. I wish we would go back to these because they are far superior to anything we have had in a very long time. The current ones now are just a mess.

  2. Compared to your previous two, the Michigan State concept does not compete. It is not bad by any means, but there is a lot of room for improvement. First, i know bronze is kind of a "school color" for them now, but i just dont think it works too good with green. the second thing that kind of bugs me is the greek letting, i know they're the spartans, but it just kind of gets on my nerves. With this concept however you did a good job being innovative and not sticking to normal ideas, and you took some good ideas from the past and mixed them with yours. It's a great start, i just think a little revision would help.

    As for your oregon concept, i think it is better than anything they have put out recently. The wTd looks great because it relates to the team. I just think that "Ducks" or "Oregon" on the chest would look better. I also think the numbers would look better on the jersey sleeves instead.The pants look great and so do the colors on the jersey. The font however bugs me, i know it is their real font, but i liked the font from the joey harrington era better because it fit with the logo.

  3. LSU: A+

    this one is great because it is something i havent seen before. I really like the new spin on the triple stripes. I also really like how you put the slogan on the socks, something that hasnt been done before. Overall a great look

    Georgia:A+,as well

    I really like this for one reason stated above, the socks (i love that idea). But i also like the tribute to UGA, and how you represented all of them on the sleeves. Because as opposed to Oregon States pro combat last year, if a few guys dont wear sleeves it wouldnt ruin the look. The sweater design on the jersey is very good too. Just a thought, maybe you could do the 'G' on the front (like Michigan's throwback), and then put the number on the upper chest. I think that would look good and be unique

    Overall great job, i am excited to see what else you have for this series

  4. today an article in the DM Register said, "Cyclones to wear white uniforms

    Iowa State sports information director Tom Kroeschell said Wednesday the Cyclone football team will wear all white uniforms for Friday?s game at UConn.

    It will be the first time Iowa State has donned white jerseys and white pants since playing at Colorado in 2006. Players will still were their usual cardinal helmets."

    Here's the article (it can be found at the bottom of the page)

  5. Is it just me or does that look like something nike would really do (in a good way). If this were real it would be one of, if not the best pro combat. Great job and presentation (just make the words describing the features a bit bigger kinda hard to read)

  6. 10zbrtd.png

    Holy hell.

    The glossy-looking wings look like a wet raincoat...I HATE numbers that are the same color as the jersey...and that "O" is glowin' in the d*mn dark. Just my humble opinion here, but Oregon has outdone themselves from the NTG uniform, in a bad way. That's all sorts of atrocious.

    I'd have taken yellow monochrome over this any day of the week.

    Take a look at ESPN

  7. Could i get Iowa State with the I-State Logo

    and i guess since your doing baseball could i get the Kansas City Royals

    and the Minnesota Vikings as well

    Thanks in advance.

    These are all very cool looking and alot better than the stock ones they have for iphones

  8. Thanks for posting these. I always wanted to see older Badgers helmets and uniforms. I actually like the pre Barry helmets the best, with the block W. I think that would fit pretty well with their current uniforms since they are so simple. The Badgers all white uniforms are my favorite.

    I disagree. There's a reason why 105% of high schools that start with a "W" use that logo. I had a long argument with my girlfriend who insisted that her school has didn't blatantly copy the University of Wisconsin's "W" logo. She said that it's just a letter and they probably didn't do it on purpose. The University had a big crackdown on schools in the region using the logo because so many schools used it. Schools even use different letters modeled off of the Wisconsin "W". It's clearly an epic logo, despite it just being "one stupid letter". Barry wanted to make the W in motion, pointing up... he was able to make the letter as if it were moving.

    I think it's a wonderful logo and they should stick with it forever.

    My high school did that-- waukee -- now we use the michigan state spartan logo. we also use the nationals "w" for our baseball team

  9. Seeing 14er's Reds concept made me think about this because of the white hat he used. I began wondering to myself why don't you see white or grey hats in the MLB. I really like white/grey hats except for if the brim is white/grey that must be colored. My favorite baseball uniform of all time uses a grey hat (i will post when i find a good pic) and I think that white hats look great too.

  10. two words red pants*

    *not with the red jersey though

    nice job, fixing there costumes they have now, realisticly this wouldnt work because of Nebraska and Wisconsin and then indiana :blink: