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  1. Can anyone tell me the font of "Electronic Arts Sports Network"? Thanks.


    Kinda hard to tell because it's so small, but I would venture a guess that it's Futura Extra Bold or Futura Black.

    I was wondering if anyone knows the fonts for these two wordmarks. Thanks



    the second one is the arizona wildcats font, i think i've seen it on here before but cant remember

    First one is a modified version of Emigre's Matrix, while the second looks to be Friz Quadrata.

    is there a free version similar to the font used in "south dakota state" on the bottom of the second logo.

  2. Anyone know the font used on the wordmark here?


    And the number font on this uniform?



    PM Chickenfish and ask him.

    I did, he didn't know.

    The number font it 4th and inches on dont know about the wordmark though

  3. this coming from a vikings fan is... i really like their logo they have know, but i would consider this an upgrade... with some minor changes. First off the eye just looks kinda awkward how it is, im not sure whats making it look wierd, but i think it could look great some small changes

    Second is the helmet, the spike on top and the lines, kind of distract from the horn and also made me think of this,


    i think the current helmet would look fine with what you have, but maybe with a highlight.

    It is a great start, and seeing some of your past products, i bet the finished product will be great

  4. I'd like to see them play in a uniform that looks just like the Green Bay Packers, with the "O" on the helmet shaped like the "G" on Green Bay's uniform. I know it wouldn't be the most original, but it would look classic.

    So this...? C153_oakley%20logo.JPG

    that would not look to good, just use the throwbacks if thier current unis aren't good enough, but i think they are just fine, i mean id like to see a new set, but its not my choice so im fine where their at, just think at least they werent one of the hundred teams that used mizzous template or someother stock template