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  1. Well, I remember a few years ago when Wisconsin raised a huge stink about Waukee (Iowa) using their 'Motion W' logo for their high school teams. Waukee had to change the logo.

    Oh man, I go there. Now we copy the Michigan State logo. We are just tearing up the big 10

    previous logo


    new 'W' logo


  2. Hi I joined the boards about a year ago and have seen all of the good concepts posted by many of you and was inspired to start making concepts of my own. The first logo I have completed is a logo for a team called the Dalmatians, because I think this breed needs to be more represented like bulldogs. So here it is, all C&C is welcome.

    I couldn't get it to show up with out a link so if anyone can help me figure that out it is appreciated. Thanks

  3. First of all i am glad you chose those colors, you dont see them together much and they look nice. As for the hats I like the light blue one with the navy brim (with the A) and the navy one with the light blue brim (with the A). Those are both really nice in my opinion.

  4. Trying not to be annoying or captain obvious here, but this has not been mentioned.

    The new uniform for Eagan is also on TeamBuilder, just a connection in case anyone missed. And the new uniforms are cool from what i see but would have to see the whole uni to form a full opinion, nice concept too. :D