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  1. It's a good attempt but this looks too abstarct, especially with the black in the eye-mouth area.

    Agreed and also add behind the ear like on the original logo it makes it look like no body is attached to it

    but great start, you also might want to make new word marks to go with that secondary

  2. Bucs: Home sock should be orange and the road sock should have stripes.

    Panthers: Road pant stripe should match the stripes on the black jersey.

    Suggestions for the future:

    - "Who Dey" on the collar for the Bengals.

    - Something reminiscent of Air Coryell era for San Diego with "Lights Out" on the collar.

    - Modern twist on the Seahawks' classic colors.

    - "Fly Eagles Fly" on Eagles' collar.

    - "America's Team" on Cowboys' collar.

    - Raiders might still be the same in Pro Combat threads, except with "Commitment to Excellence" on collar.

    - "Big Red" on Cards' collar.

    - "Fight for old DC" on Skins' collar.

    - "Nevermore" on Ravens' collar.

    - "Skol Vikings" on Vikings' collar.

    - I second the cheese details for Green Bay.

    Thanks man, and the collar could say "The Cheeseheads"

  3. Nicely done on the fins I love it

    You could do like a lions mane on the lions helmet when you do them

    A jaguar pattern on the Jags helmet

    Even though I am a vikings fan, this is probably my best idea, you could literally make the Packers cheese heads by adding holes(not really just painted on) like this


  4. Well if you do a bird one feathers would look neat, it would probably work best for the Seahawks since they are a darker color. Or maybe the Ravens. The Redskins/Chiefs could work as like a head dress or something like that.

    Maybe claw marks for a team like the Panthers, Jags or Bears, probably not the Bengals since they are known for their stripes.

    You could also make a subtle star pattern on the Cowboys helmet, light grey stars on a white helmet maybe.

    As for the texans you could make on side of the helmet red and the other blue. Add the star eye on each side and put the outline of the horns. That would be very cool and original.