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  1. It was posted on UniWatch that there are some new Syracuse basketball shorts floating around on eastbay. I am at work all day and the eastbay website is blocked here. Is there anyone out there willing to post pictures of these shorts on here for me and everyone to see? The links are found on today's blog at Thanks!
  2. Pleaseeeee no S coming out from behind a peeled orange...we are already a joke out on the field, please don't make us LOOK like a joke to go along with it.
  3. Looks great, but I'm not sure the school would like the fact that the blue sides of the pants wrap around to the front and stop right at a certain area of the male, kind of accenting his you-know-what.
  4. gman010

    Hamilton Lions

    Interesting to see that you used the sleeve numbers on the shoulders of a hockey jersey (football style). I have never seen this before. Also, I think the white jersey in the first set would look better if the diagonal H in hamilton was just an H and did not have lions written across the center. It would look cleaner and I think would gain more votes because of this.