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  1. The current uniforms are an abomination but I agree that the previous uniform had issues but they could’ve been easily fixed.
  2. Any whispers yet on the Jets getting rid of those hideous new uniforms?
  3. Keep making this idiotic point when you follow a sport where players regularly throw cream pies or shaving cream “pie” in their teammates faces . What is your response to that, or do you not have one?
  4. These rules some of you have are so dopey . Like you can name a team after a real animal but not fictitious monster? Says who? And why... New York Giants?
  5. Baseball players regularly throw pies in each others faces after wins.
  6. As far I can tell this forum is in the minority... most people seem to dig it
  7. Anyways the worst team name continues to be the Washington wizards
  8. Your favorite team name is Chicago Cubs and you’re using the term cute as a negative. Do you hear yourself?
  9. old doesn’t mean good. why the name because Chicago and cubs start with c? How creative.
  10. Such an odd take, what makes Chicago Cubs name better than either Minnesota Wild or Seattle Kraken