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  1. everything about this is wrong. the player, the shoulder patch, logo, and no collar makes it look like a practice jersey.
  2. Only thing Leafs have done right in my life time is their current uniforms.
  3. players coming back from injury...
  4. Add NY to this logo and similar to below and think we have a winner.
  5. get rid of the black (outline, facemask, all of it) and you may have something here.
  6. not a fan of two different greens.
  7. These while not perfect.... way better than Nike era.
  8. Jets could simplify the shoulders on the classic uniform
  9. calm down snowflake
  10. Hideous. That logo is a mess. White helmet is 100 times nicer. And :censored: black. Team Colors are green and white
  11. just counting down the days the Jets can return to their classic look and ditch these Division III looking threads
  12. https://www.jetsshop.com/new-york-jets-jerseys/t-47157100+d-14558660+z-998-2466514832
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