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  1. These were so close to being the best All-Star uniforms in a while, all they had to do was just put numbers on the front instead of a logo.
  2. The NFL has granted these exemptions plenty of times in the past and it hasn't led to the slippery slope scenario you're describing. I just don't want them to approve it this time because those Niners throwbacks are ugly.
  3. People have short memories. When the news came out that the Titans were changing their uniforms, there was a lot of excitement on here. The old look was viewed as dated and it had already eroded from what it used to be. It's just unfortunate that the replacement is held back by a few glaring flaws of its own. I think they're on to something with the sword theme, but I still don't understand the purpose of the side panels or pants "stripes." The Titans are a prime candidate for a Dolphins-style refresh that cleans up their look a bit.
  4. There's a happy medium between the '90s wordmark and a basic one-color font, you know.
  5. To be fair, those uniforms were already ruined before they changed them. The yoke had been reduced to more of a racing stripe that was barely visible from certain angles. The collar didn't contrast anymore. And they always wore the worst possible combos that made the helmet stick out like a sore thumb. The new look is fixable with some tweaks. There was no salvaging this mess of a uniform:
  6. It's a bit boring and also way too similar to Washington's wordmark.
  7. I'll never understand why they always insisted on wearing those awful monochrome combos for a uniform that wasn't designed for them. This certainly isn't the ideal football uniform either, but it's a big step up from the crap they usually wore in that era: It's the same annoying habit the Vikings had with their 2006-2012 uniforms. If you're going to use side panels as part of a design, the least you can do is make sure they always match.
  8. People had already started disliking them for Spygate as well as becoming the exact cocky, showboating type of team they had pretended not to be. But I think this is the moment they truly became loathed: After that douchey moment from Brady, they only scored 14 points and lost the game.
  9. I remember when the Patriots actually used to be likeable with players like Bledsoe, Ben Coates, Curtis Martin, Chris Slade, etc. - and Parcells as their coach. Now they're the NFL equivalent of Duke basketball.
  10. You could say the same about the Browns at this point, even down to how they share a state with Ohio State football.
  11. A Browns championship would be the bigger headline, since the NFL is just a bigger deal than the NBA in general. A Clippers championship would be the bigger accomplishment. At least the Browns have their old history of championships with Otto Graham and Jim Brown. The Clippers have the worst history of any long-running pro sports franchise.
  12. I actually miss the dazzle fabric. It looked good on some teams. But yeah, the weird armholes are the only huge problem with the Nike jerseys. I'm surprised they haven't taken the opportunity to fix them yet for more jersey sales.
  13. Boston sports fans' lack of self-awareness never fails to amaze.
  14. Barstool is not handling the loss very well:
  15. The NFL playoffs are officially watchable this year. Thank you, Titans! That being said, I'm not celebrating until Brady signs elsewhere and Belicheat retires. Short of that, the Patriots will ruin the Super Bowl next year.
  16. Rams also aren't royal blue and yellow, so they've already failed the "realism" test. As for modern jersey cuts, I think they've made it work just fine.
  17. Royal blue and gold would technically be a new color scheme.
  18. The Cowboys have fans, play in a market that actually wants them, and have a winning tradition. Right off the bat, that makes them a better job than the LA Chargers. If I'm reporting to an owner, I'd rather have an owner who's actually played football and presided over Super Bowl wins than cheapskate Deano and his unqualified sons.
  19. The Patriots will, of course, ruin the Super Bowl again. Brady will barely squeak out a win against the Niners while putting up 2015 Peyton-esque numbers. The media will never stop talking about how he won his seventh ring against his hometown team. The Niners will go right back to mediocrity for the foreseeable future after losing. Patriots fans will spend the offseason whining that nobody believed in their 12-4 team.
  20. You mean besides watching Patriots, Lakers and Rockets fans melt down over officiating?
  21. Oh, don't worry. They're still going to ruin the Super Bowl like they do every year.
  22. I figured the Cardinals' white-over-red combo today was a first for them under the current uniform set, because they usually wear all-white on the road. But apparently they've worn it a few other times over the years.
  23. Back in the late '70s, Cincinnati wore uniforms with cursive NOBs underneath the numbers:
  24. That looks nice and all, but I don't think it would go over well with the Duke, Wake and NC State fans.