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  1. I'm pretty sure the 49ers' lawyers would have a problem with that.
  2. My initial reaction was to say I disagree with you, since none of those teams are using an entire ethnicity as a mascot (which, political controversy aside, has always just struck me as being weird). But after thinking it over, you might be right. Even social movements that start off with the best of intentions - in this case, getting rid of truly derogatory team names in sports - aren't necessarily immune to losing sight of their original mission in favor of chasing more and more victories. It's like that part in Persona 5 where the Phantom Thieves let the fame go to their heads after the trip to Hawaii and get tricked into going after Okumura because they're too caught up in pleasing the Phan-Site instead of making rational decisions.
  3. It seems pretty bold to assume that the "Washington Football Team" circus is a deliberate strategy, not just the usual mismanagement by Dan Snyder.
  4. I'm surprised at how cheap Mizzou's new uniforms look. They look like a MAC school that ordered from a catalog, not an SEC program.
  5. What a huge disappointment. "Spiders" was right there and everybody would have loved it! I do think the new script and font are okay, but the G-ball logo is terrible. They also blew their opportunity to adopt a more unique color scheme.
  6. I can assure you, no actual longtime Clipper fan expects to "waltz into a title." This is a franchise that's mostly known for futility and melting down in the playoffs, not "waltzing into" success. Don't confuse the bandwagoners who hopped on for Kawhi and PG - who clearly had no idea what they were getting into with this team - with the real fans. I agree that last year's Clippers were too cocky. Truth be told, I always felt deep down like they were tempting fate. In retrospect, I would actually blame Doc Rivers more than anyone else for that. He's way more arrogant than he should be with his resume, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the teams he coaches usually turn out to be cocky flat-track bullies who can't back it up in the playoffs. Lob City was like that too. The change in mindset under Lue has been very noticeable in the playoffs and I don't think it's a coincidence. As far as the return on investment goes: the Clippers have finally gotten over the second-round hump after 51 long years, so while it's not as good as winning a championship, most fans are still happy at the moment. If Kawhi leaves (which seems unlikely, but you never know), then yes, the Kawhi/PG era will have been a failed experiment. Otherwise, it's too early to call it one way or the other. I think I'll stop here since I doubt people want to read any more of my homer rants about the Clippers.
  7. It's not an "own," it's legitimately weird to see a Raptors fan trashing Kawhi this much when he got you guys a ring after years of playoff heartbreak. I would be grateful for any player who could get the Clippers a ring even if they left the following season.
  8. This makes no sense. The comeback against Utah was already in progress before Kawhi got injured. If the Jazz couldn't close out the Clippers without Kawhi, they definitely weren't going to do it with Kawhi.
  9. You mean the same guy who's the only reason the Raptors aren't still solely known as "LeBronto" and the team Vince bailed on?
  10. Just getting to the conference finals is already better than anything CP3 ever accomplished as a Clipper.
  11. The Clippers' all-time best player was in a suite wearing street clothes all series, so in a way, you're technically right.
  12. Philip Rivers famously played the whole 2007 AFC Championship Game on a torn ACL and meniscus, six days after the injury happened.
  13. Paul George might not be top 10, but I'd say he at least qualifies as a superstar. It is kind of ironic that the much-maligned "Playoff P" is the last superstar standing in the playoffs.
  14. I'll never forgive Selig for the Expos screwjob, but Manfred is a clown.
  15. This is such a circus at this point. How does Manfred still have a job?
  16. This Clippers team is legitimately one of the most resilient teams I've ever seen in the NBA. Three starters out injured, a fourth starter still recovering from a knee injury, on the road facing elimination, and they win by 14. Doc Rivers must be punching the air right now.
  17. To me, their new wordmark is very similar to the Rams' wordmark, and the primary logo has a similar aesthetic to the Rams' ram-head logo due to how simplified and almost abstract it is. The difference is that the Elks didn't cram in a bunch of gradients or make a poorly-designed monogram their primary logo (which is why it's ultimately more successful than the Rams' rebrand). Hopefully their new uniforms won't be total clownsuits like the crap that the Rams are wearing.
  18. I don't mind the decision to go with special uniforms for the game. I do mind how hideously ugly they are.
  19. Watching Tatis Jr. and Vlad Jr. dominate the league makes me feel old for remembering the days when their fathers were teammates on the Expos.
  20. That's part of why I don't like the uniforms. That championship was 63 years ago in a completely different market. It's one thing for them to wear St. Louis-era throwbacks on occasion, but it makes no sense as the basis for their full-time identity in Atlanta. For all intents and purposes, it's like if the Thunder started modeling their uniforms after the 1979 Sonics. And like I said at the time when they revealed the new set: even if they wanted to go with a more historic look, when most people think of the Hawks' history, they think of Nique, Spud Webb, maybe Mutombo or Steve Smith. Chances are, they've probably never heard of Bob Pettit.
  21. I didn't like those uniforms from the moment they were revealed and neither time nor their playoff run have changed my opinion on them. They feel totally wrong for both the franchise's history in Atlanta and their team's current status as a young, fun team on the rise. They would have been better off leaning in a quirkier visual direction like they did in the Nique era and the Smith/Deke/Mookie era.
  22. To be fair, there's a difference between talent and impact even in basketball. Players like Carmelo, Marbury, Steve Francis, DeRozan, etc. have been the poster children over the years for players who are individually talented but have questionable impacts on their teams. Likewise, it's unfair to hold the limitations of other sports against athletes who are clearly one-of-a-kind at what they do. Just because baseball is the ultimate team sport where one player can't carry an entire team doesn't make Mike Trout or Jacob DeGrom's talent any less generational, for instance. You are right that it's an overused cliche nowadays, but that's all ESPN has had to offer for the past 10+ years: overused cliches and trolling. If they aren't talking about generational talent, they're busy ranting about who choked last night or the latest trade "rumors" from anyonymous sources.
  23. Lue isn't even a hardass type of coach. He's very calm and doesn't get too high or too low. I'm glad he's proving that he can do it without LeBron. Doc was such an ass for saying "he was sitting next to me, there won't be any adjustments." There's no limits to who he'll throw under the bus when it's convenient for him.
  24. I agree. I was skeptical of Lue initially because his resume looked a lot like Doc's at first glance. But the difference is that Lue makes adjustments, and his teams generally don't choke, they come back. He also has the best record in series-clinching games of any coach in NBA history while Doc has the worst. I had largely assumed this was all a product of LeBron, and of course it always helps to have the greatest player of all time on your team, but I was wrong.
  25. The annual Doc Rivers playoff meltdown is way more fun to watch when he's not coaching your team. At this point, Doc is one of the worst coaches in sports history. When you look at the sheer amount of talent he's wasted throughout his career, it's staggering. He's the Wayne Gretzky of choking, and I'm not even exaggerating here - nearly every one of his playoff losses nowadays is followed by ESPN tweeting that he's set at least one new record for playoff futility in the process. People will cite the 2008 Celtics ring to push back on this, but they won that ring in spite of Doc and didn't look remotely impressive while doing it considering how stacked that team was. They also should have won again in 2010, but Doc blew a 3-2 lead in the Finals (what else is new). The Sixers need to get rid of him now before he ruins what's left of Embiid's prime. Needless to say, I don't think it's a coincidence that the Clippers immediately had their best season ever now that both Sterling and Doc are gone. We all thought Sterling selling the team would be what ended the curse, but it turned out that the Clippers Curse had just been replaced by the Rivers Curse.
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