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  1. "Pigskins" is just too corny to be the name of a professional franchise, IMO. Washington needs a name with more gravitas than that. The logos are kind of neat in the same vein as the Cubs' walking cub logo.
  2. I will never understand how anyone could sign off on that mismatched hem stripe for 26 years without noticing a problem.
  3. Only Bettman could do a draft lottery and still have no idea who's getting the #1 pick by the end of the night. Unreal.
  4. No, that was the actual BP cap. They kept the same design the following year but changed the cap from white to blue. Wordmarks weren't exactly unheard of on BP caps at the time:
  5. The Dodgers weren't the only team that experimented with white BP caps, FWIW: All three were replaced with more conventional BP caps after a year, and I'm fairly certain the Rangers never even wore theirs on the field - at least, I can't find any pictures of them wearing it, not even in spring training.
  6. This is a major downgrade. Not sure what they were thinking with the lopsided C, and the even more lopsided "CLT" mark is even worse.
  7. I'll never understand the narrative that Miami got hosed in that game. Regardless, there's no way they would have ever been 2010s Bama with Coker in charge. Coker was a subpar coach who only got the job because Butch Davis' players wanted him.
  8. I'm not from Toronto, but I have visited before, so I know it's a really nice city. I'm not downplaying Toronto at all, just noting how its brand has changed over the years outside of Canada. I also think from a basketball perspective that the Raptors would be smart to promote Toronto as much as possible. They play in one of the greatest cities in the world. It should be one of the top destination cities for free agents and stars seeking trades. They could definitely capitalize on that like the LA teams, Heat, Warriors, and Nets have done with their markets.
  9. To me, it has kind of an industrial/rubber-stamped vibe. The font would work for a Rust Belt market (like if Pittsburgh ever got an NBA team), but it doesn't suit the Raptors at all.
  10. Maybe, but the Rockets have at least embraced red/yellow more with a bunch of throwbacks and retro-inspired alternates over the years, even though they've refused to switch back to that color scheme full-time. The Raptors have worn the 1995-1999 throwbacks only twice in their history (2014-15 and this season) and, IIRC, have never thrown back to the 1999-2006 look. Another interesting aspect of the Raptors' hesitance to embrace purple is how it's a product of a pre-Drake era where Toronto didn't have quite as much international cultural cachet as it does now and the team itself was mediocre at best. When the Raptors first removed purple from their color scheme, they were trying to rebrand themselves as "Canada's team" to compensate for that. It was an understandable decision at the time, but times have changed. Nowadays, Toronto is cool enough that the Raptors probably shouldn't have to dress up like the Canadian national team to attract fans anymore.
  11. True, but it just goes to show that the look a team wins a title in is not always their best one or the one they should be wearing full-time.
  12. I don't get that impression at all. If anything, they doubled down on the Raptors name when they removed Toronto from the road uniforms in 2003 and then tripled down by not having any full-time Toronto jerseys at all in the current set.
  13. The Cavs won the championship in ugly sleeved jerseys and nobody's clamoring for that look to come back.
  14. The current uniforms have always been awful, but I don't get why they refuse to bring back purple. At this point, it's becoming the NBA equivalent of when the Padres kept ignoring the demand for brown. They're just turning down free money.
  15. I don't. Stirrups look really dumb and striped socks are a better alternative.
  16. I think the script font from that era is quite nice, actually. Remove the bevels and it looks like an old-school script in the same vein as the Giants' and Mets' scripts. The number font from their second road jerseys of that era was also relatively inoffensive, though a bit generic.
  17. Sure they did. The color scheme was inspired by what blue jays actually look like in real life, so it had a bright shade of blue, black from their plumage, and graphite to represent the beak. It's a nice concept, but they screwed up by inexplicably emphasizing black and graphite over blue.
  18. The old look was better. Still not ideal, but better. Their big mistake with that set was getting rid of the black jerseys and pants. This caused that set to start looking boring and stale, especially on the road, where the "stormtrooper" look was their only option anymore. Their road look was more balanced with black pants.
  19. Justin McKeever's concept is almost exactly perfect, but I'm not a fan of that logo.
  20. They should have done the same with the Steelers. The shorter sleeves get, the worse their oversized sleeve stripes look. It's reached the point where the entire stripe doesn't fit on most players.
  21. They only look like that because I couldn't find a clean flat picture of the actual horns and had to make do.
  22. I guarantee nobody would have been offended by something like this as the new look.
  23. No, moving away from the St. Louis uniforms was the right move. The problem is the crap they replaced them with.
  24. I will always maintain that the Graphite Jays era had the perfect color scheme and ruined it with the worst possible execution of it. That shade of blue they used back then was beautiful in person and criminally underused.