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  1. Assuming the logos posted on the main site are the final, official logos, the vector work is incredibly sloppy. There's vector points that should connect but don't and nearly all of the corners are rounded for no apparent reason. The curves are almost all wonky as well and the logos that should be symmetrical (St. Louis, Tampa Bay) for some reason appear to have each side drawn separately instead of being mirrored.
  2. Something like this would be preferable, keeping the same iconic F1 monogram while simplifying and upgrading the clunky type.
  3. These all feel like first drafts of ideas rather than finessed finalized logos. None of them are particularly inspiring concepts except MAYBE the first, track-based one. The wordmark on all of them seem really oddly placed and the font choices are pretty questionable as well.(Not that the current one is any better) The one thing the current logo does have going for it and that makes it iconic is its use of negative space, so it's strange that they chose to abandoned that all together.
  4. Exactly. The smiling star is by easily the most recognizable part of their identity. Although I'm still not a huge fan of this rebrand, I like that they moved away from their former, McDonalds-esque color scheme.
  5. Overall, I'd say it's at the very least a lateral move. I have to say, however, the longer I look at the new cans, the more it just looks like a bunch of elements thrown together with little cohesion.
  6. A prospective ownership group, Foundry St. Louis, has started a bid process with MLS to bring a club to St. Louis. As part of the proposal, they came up with a preliminary shield along with stadium plans. Hopefully this is the start of a St. Louis MLS team that the city could seriously use, though I have my doubts. https://nextstl.com/2016/09/prospective-major-league-soccer-ownership-group-calls-competitive-process/
  7. Overall it looks really nice. My one criticism, however is that the stark angle where the back of the horse's leg meets the rest of the "body" is a little jarring. I'd suggest making more of a slope leading to the back point. Kind of how the overall shapes of the Broncos and Panthers logos are. Otherwise, great start!
  8. Pretty sure they took that Generals mark straight from the Jackson Generals. Or at least copied it pretty closely. I can't tell if it's the exact same font, just stretched - or just a similar font. Also, the "Rome" being in another "Western-inspired" font that's similar to (yet different enough from) "Generals," makes me think Rome's is a hack-and-paste Frankenlogo. The illustration (tricorne hat, ponytail) says "Patriot" more than "General" to me. I'm assuming it's lifted from somewhere - but where? (Commence scouring D3, NAIA, and other minor league logos...) The General logo is a stock logo. It's like the tenth image on Google when you search "stock patriots logo".
  9. I knew it was Todd Radom's work as soon as I saw the ribbon. Absolutely great!
  10. Probably. They both feature the hurricane warning flag, other than that, they don't have any similar design elementsI would recommend adding a thick black key line/outline and possibly extend the outline over the ends of the flags that connect to the C to separate them.
  11. They were just un-stickied. You should still be able to find them using the search feature.
  12. It's the number of likes your posts have gotten- 7people have liked your posts.
  13. It's also by far the most played team sport worldwide.
  14. It was made by brandmoore but I can't find the link. Also, what happened to those "simple uniform templates"?I remember there being a volleyball and wrestling template and if I remember correctly, they were made by elliot. If anyone has a link to them it'd be much appreciated.
  15. Completely agree. I think the addition of a white home version just switching the white on the trim for black as well as a blue alt would make this one of if not the best set in the NBA.
  16. What's the thought behind this? If you look at the facemask again, but move your eyes slightly to the left, the answer will be revealed. :face palm: I couldn't see the small type on my phone. Very interesting.
  17. What's the thought behind this?
  18. Half sleeve stripes on hockey uniforms aren't the worst thing in the world. Also, piping to nowhere isn't necessarily a bad thing either.
  19. I should probably know this but, How do you link to a specific post? Also, I remember seeing before that you can view statistics of specific threads (like who has posted the most times in a given thread). How do you use this feature?
  20. The field surface appears to be on a 30 degree slope. This is one of the lesser quality conceptual stadiums featured, but interesting nonetheless.
  21. Thanks for sharing, tank! This is something that has always interested me(not unlike the rest of you I'm sure )
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