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  1. @DG now...see, I cant even simply quote you or copy paste here, its frustrating and annoying. that's of course a ridiculous comment since I can do all those things on 99 percent of the other forums I go to. Which means they understand and Are able to help other browsers etc. Its the job of this site to make it easier and more accessible. Not to beat around the bush with excuses
  2. {don't use internet explorer} that's not a helpful answer. Are there any adults capable of explaining the issue ? this shouldn't be that difficult. I should be able to use what ever I want and this site should adapt for ease of use accordingly. Anyone with a more adult and helpful answer ?
  3. I cant quote people or post pictures here like a I can every freaking where else on the internet. cant even copy/paste. I just got a new drive and have windows 8.1 and internet explorer. So how do things become normal for me ? and suggest a bunch of ridiculous work arounds LOL. this shouldn't be so difficult at all. please help !
  4. I would like to post pictures like Viking is. Why cant I simply do it ? also, Why cant I quote his post ?
  5. Raiders- its because there is visible definition without bordering. Its more about the Silver than the black when looking at the uniform. The Silver is important. Make it white and it becomes a drab high school uniform. The Raiders uni is like the Yankees uniform. Simple but classic
  6. neon green does not belong on a manly team uniform in the first place. That was done for many reasons.Nike is promoting its running gear when doing that and also just seeing what they can force down the publics throat since America is so lazy and free to truly protest anything. That said, I don't mind the modern aspects of the helmet and jersey in general but lime green belongs in Wham and Boy George 80s videos and not on a football field
  7. JH360 asked this in the Cleveland Browns thread, so I though why not put it here and see what you say. Does no one here like the Seattle Seahawks uniform ? just for my own curiosity,what are your/anyone's on here,top 5 NFL uniforms ? I'll let you decide on past or present. Or you can make an all-time list and a modern-present list.
  8. someone start a change.org petition to get the Browns to put stripes on all the pants and not the stupid idea to spell out 'Browns' on them the helmet and shirt is fine /ok right now but the pants were/are horrible
  9. black red and blue...does this mean both Crips and Bloods will be allowed to buy their merch which will then bring more profit ? or will gangs be smart enough not to buy the crap ? they need to change the team name anyway and any idiot could have made these. But I bet those are practice jerseys
  10. its still just modern computer generated crap with very little creativity and few lines. Hardly anyone will know it changed for another 2 years LOL
  11. there is nothing dumber than writing the team name on the side of the pants
  12. live stream in less then 15 minutes ..oh God, whats wrong with this site ? I just want to paste the link sheesh you people make it difficult
  13. I want to make cakes out of all the field examples on the first page !