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  1. @DG now...see, I cant even simply quote you or copy paste here, its frustrating and annoying. that's of course a ridiculous comment since I can do all those things on 99 percent of the other forums I go to. Which means they understand and Are able to help other browsers etc. Its the job of this site to make it easier and more accessible. Not to beat around the bush with excuses
  2. {don't use internet explorer} that's not a helpful answer. Are there any adults capable of explaining the issue ? this shouldn't be that difficult. I should be able to use what ever I want and this site should adapt for ease of use accordingly. Anyone with a more adult and helpful answer ?
  3. I cant quote people or post pictures here like a I can every freaking where else on the internet. cant even copy/paste. I just got a new drive and have windows 8.1 and internet explorer. So how do things become normal for me ? and suggest a bunch of ridiculous work arounds LOL. this shouldn't be so difficult at all. please help !
  4. its still just modern computer generated crap with very little creativity and few lines. Hardly anyone will know it changed for another 2 years LOL
  5. I want to make cakes out of all the field examples on the first page !
  6. ya i think it has something to do with increasing the price of the cheapest jerseys from $60 reebok replicas to the $100 nike ones, i think alot of fans just want something close to the real thing if they are going to be paying that much the internet is easy to order from and people don't want to pay triple digits for something as trivial as a sports jersey
  7. regardless, it still has a large reference if you are curious to find something and the majority of years are represented. Quit frankly I can say this site lacks a lot of teams history as well when I have searched for specific things. that's why I find as many placeslike this and that and others as possible
  8. I assume most of you guys know about this site right ? its got a ton of old school logos. Just click on each title/heading etc http://logoshak.com/~asgsport/shak.html Boise State throwback...I have no clue what year though ? one of the few they don't have a year for
  9. Just imagine if this was still around today. Uploaded with ImageShack.us something I worked on for ncaa 14 teambuilder
  10. whats the difference between the concept and general design forums ? what type of thread goes in which ?
  11. man, you guys are slow. I thought you were so militant about it that you would have posted this by now. I was still able to google active sites though so I doubt it matters that much..? http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/23/justice/fake-nfl-merchandise/index.html
  12. From what I've read about Modano (and his tweets) if you see a fake with his signature, the signature is a fake too (Same for Gretzky). Apparently, athletes are being educated on how to spot fakes and are being told the financial ramifications about signing them. LOL and what are those ramifications ? nothing will happen to anyone about anything
  13. oh come on..? another pointless response and answer. I did save up...I saved my 30 bucks and bought a knock off LOL
  14. So....don't buy a jersey. We're not talking about medicine, food, or water here. It's a jersey. A luxury item. You're not entitled to one. If you can't afford one or simply don't want to pay for one because you think the prices are to high, simply don't make the purchase. If enough people follow suit the prices will drop. Economics! The "steal a loaf of bread to feed your family" example doesn't fly here. so dont buy a jersey....? what a silly response. Obviously, i'm not buying a jersey, I'm buying a knock off LOL j/k sometimes you want a little something more then a t-shirt and this provides that option. I'm not worried about it being exacting in design. Its a waste of time to worry about something so trivial. But again, whats your point ? what are you going to do about it ? who cares if you do ? you posted a picture and typed your "it sucks " diatribe...now what ? What are you going to do about it ? some people like fakes, some dont. The internet makes mail order 10 million times easier then in the past. Thats all there is to it. i'm not mocking or trolling anyone here, We are all uniform history enthusiasts. Whats next? another picture of a off center number and your mockery of it ? thrilling....
  15. oh drop the self righteous bull-pucky. What theft ? I'm still spending money on it.
  16. whats the point of constantly posting pictures of fakes saying you dont like them ? its a redundant waste of time that accomplishes nothing . its understood they arent originals. Some people dont mind a representation of a jersey thats not perfect and it saves money for them and thats all that matters. theres multiple site that sell the stuff. So what purpose do you guys serve ? on top of that, its pretty foolish to pay $200 to $300 dollars for a real jersey anyway
  17. as long as counterfeits exist and I find a decent one I like, I have no problem getting one. Just a fake jersey that represents my interest in sports and teams and color. I dont need it to be exact in every way. And paying $300 for a football jersey is just dumb.
  18. Why would you do that when you can buy them right now on their official team shop for over 50% off? You'd pay more in shipping for the China piece of %^&$ jersey than you would for the real deal. a half off authentic would still be over $100 , how is that better ? I googled official site and all they sell is replicas
  19. I want a Bill's knock off of last years uni now that they are changing looks
  20. Can't speak for jerseys but I know that counterfeit Jordans and the like get a bum rap among the general public, so it wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that many non-logo nerds would frown on fake jerseys. You'd find a mixed bag of people...many people did not understand why music file sharing was wrong...the music was free and that's all that mattered to them. However, I think you're right that some non-logo nerds that "get it" would be on "our side". Aside from the fact that CCLSC has some designers (who obviously take intellectual property issues to heart), the biggest difference between "us" and the general public is that most "regular" people don't notice incorrect number fonts, huge wordmarks, and even last names on Yankee Jerseys. Therefore, they don't notice that the majority of the jerseys they see at the game are counterfeit. If they did, some would care and some would not. And if you don't like that we notice that stuff, then I wonder why you are even here... why here ? I'm bored and find this humorous of course. I have a Nitschke knock off and am not worried about it being real-so called - or not. I consider it the same as getting a t shirt or sweatshirt of favorite team except with more of a jersey flavor. Numbers and stripes instead of just a big logo
  21. quote] Dude, it's a sports logos and uniforms forum. What other issues are we going to discuss - world peace? uniform logos are a hobby/ interest, not an issue.
  22. All right, all right, everyone just slow down and take it easy. I admit to a little trolling, but you guys are just as guilty too. Look, the fact is, no one cares about knock off jerseys in the majority. its not worth worrying about and wont collapse any market or capitalism or what ever. i can get what ever I want and it doesnt make me any less a real or so called sports fan. but you guys do come off like that idiot at a ball game who is concerned with the thought that someone came to a game wearing a jersey that is a different team than the 2 teams playing in the game or something to that effect. Its an unimportant topic and no one cares in the great scheme of important stuff to worry about.
  23. Yeah, who would think this kind of opinion would be prevalent on a sports logos and uniforms message board, amirite? it can be seperated quite easily. This site is about interest in designs-history-uniform colors etc. That doesnt mean I have to praise any copyright/retail god to prove my interest or knowledge there of.
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