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  1. The Braves getting rid of the red-brimmed hats on the road is one of those mind-numbing changes that make no sense to me, much like the White Sox getting rid of the diamond sock patch on their sleeve. The all blue hat for the Braves simply looks mismatched/misplaced with the rest of the uni now. It looks like a remnant of their early 80s unis. It doesn't match, and it drives me crazy.
  2. Been rooting on the Brewers and watching these games on the MLB package. My opinion: I believe the current Brewer uniforms are beautiful. However, I love the BiG logo. Simply solution to me is to put the BiG logo on the sleeve as a patch of the current unis and call it a day. The old fauxback uni design, overall, looks very dated. The BREWERS typeset is bad. The royal blue doesn't look as good as the dark blue.
  3. Those Pines jerseys look like a great design.....for 1980.
  4. Yep, I clicked on this thinking that the uniforms were formally being changed back to teal. This is clickbait. Realy lame.
  5. The LOL is that they seem to be used in every Indians commemorative logo. I guess they have no choice though since the PC police won't let them use anything related to the team's nickname.
  6. Never saw all of these together, but LOL at that!
  7. I think blue and yellow work best for the Padres. I'm not liking the Friday jerseys at all. I was in love with the 2016 unis. Need to build off those and call it a day.
  8. Yeah, this is driving me insane, and I'm not even a Phillies fan. Why is the ball (with seam line) not in the center of the P, and why is the P's stem not at an angle? Looks terrible.
  9. I'm still going with the "R" leg is the fin of a Devil Ray too. Look at it.... Why ELSE would it curl under like that?
  10. I am ashamed to admit this. I may have missed this for YEARS and just had an epiphany, I think. In the current RAYS wordmark, is the curvy bottom part of the "R" supposed to be one of the fins of a devil ray?
  11. Makes sense...thanks for clarifying.
  12. What do you mean it "trips up a bit on the White Sox". Just curious for you to explain that with some more definition. Not sure if you're saying you don't like the current Sox design or not. I think it looks great, fwiw, on the Sox with the number. It provides balance.
  13. Just a comment on the new Spring Training hats now that I've seen this material in-action over a week or so on MLB.tv. These are no short than an unmitigated disaster due to the sweat that immediately soaks through them and then leaves a stain. It's excruciating to have to look at. These are awful.
  14. The Twins NEVER should have changed from that '87/'91 look. Everything since then has been a mess. Don't change something that becomes a classic with two amazing World Series wins in five years.