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  1. Ok, so we are talking about the 39thirtys afterall. That took a week and a half to clear up I would never wear that grey trucker flexfit hat above.
  2. That's a 39Thirty, which I mentioned earlier but was told that's not what is being discussed.
  3. Ok, so I quickly went through that and didn't see one MLB branded hat. Do they have a license with MLB? I've been Googling Flexfit MLB, Flexfit Yankees, Flexfit Dodgers and not really getting anything. Are you guys seriously wearing those plain colored hats with no logo?
  4. Can someone link me to a FlexFit hat? Still not quite sure what you guys are refering to.
  5. When you guys say "FlexFit", what are you speaking of? The 3930s? These are the New Era hats that come in S-M, M-L, or L-XL with curved bill and slightly smaller logo?
  6. The Sox really have chipped away. The diamond sock on the sleeve of the road greys should be put back, in addition to the tuxedo stripe on the pants. The '83 unis and "batterman" logo needs to go away from all unis (even batting practice and spring training). And, in terms of alternate wordmarks, when the they brought the new set online back in '90 and '91, they used this on marketing materials: and
  7. If this could replace the red/blue 1983 Sox uni in the rotation, I am 100% behind it. In Chicago, it was pretty apparent something was afloat. That wordmark was all over the Sox marketing material this year, from the yearbook to the pocket schedules. All of the stadium giveaways had the wordmark. Even our kids' youth baseball league used those jerseys (the Sox supply jerseys every year with one of their logos).
  8. The official shirts that the team wears always has the Nike swoosh on the collar. Good eye on that.
  9. The White Sox don't need a rebrand. No. Please no. Also, this would essentially go back to the unis they had '87-'90. Awful.
  10. I wish they would have stayed with the 2016 All-Star color scheme (blue and yellow).
  11. Went out to San Diego three summers ago and took the Pacific Coastliner up to Anaheim to see our team play the Angels. Took it up on a Sunday afternoon. Took it back to SD that afternoon. One of our best memories. It was beautiful. The train literally drops you off under the overpass and you can walk through the parking lot to the stadium. Would do it all over in a second. Angels park seems a bit dated in terms of the slope of the seats and the concourse. The stadium is beautiful, but you can tell the stadium is a late 60s multi-purpose stadium that's been retrofitted and fixed up over time. It still works. It just had an older feel to it.
  12. Yeah, love those 2015 designs. Don't have any of those in my collection. Trying to figure out what 2014 was now...