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  1. All that said, I'd be ok if they scrapped the '83 unis entirely and stuck with the gorgeouns September 1990-Present uni set.
  2. Just one more example. The good looking 2014 version, nice spacing and reduced size of letters: Updated version from around 2016. WTF.
  3. Is the new "chain stitching" style the reason for the slightly larger wordmark and possibly also the reason the cardinals on the St. Louis jersey became larger? This is maddening for people who recognize these details. The White Sox '83 alternates went through a similar change around 2015 or 2016 which to me makes all the difference in the world and looks terrible. When they first reintroduced these as Sunday alts, the white S-O-X letters were slightly reduced from the original unis and left some black outline around them so they could be read. I thought they also had slightly moved up the stiping and wordmark on the jersey, ever so much. Around 2015, something in the manufacturing process changed and the S-O-X letters became larger by about 15% so that they now almost touch each other and also touch the red stripes, as there is very little black around them. Now it's like SOX, no space, looks completely mashed in there. I'll try to post three examples below. 1. Original unis from the 80s. 2. The 2014-2015 unis (looked really good, nice spacing between letters and stripes, slightly reduced text from the originals, a modern update, and moved the entire striping and wordmark up on the chest so that it was no longer between the belly and chest but rather across the chest). 3. Letters now enlarged, mashed together, moved lower again on the uni, looks awful. 1. Floyd Bannister, 1983-1984: The 2014 version. Notice the wordmark higher on the chest, the letters slightly smaller, nice spacing in between: The 2015-2016 update. Why the hell did the letters get so big? They're touching each other now. Looks like a blob.
  4. This. Add the tuxedo stripe back to the road pants and also put the diamond sock logo back on the road grey jersey. This was the best uniform set in baseball before they made these two stupid changes. The Sox had some 24 year old blonde fashion merchandising marketing chick try to tweak the unis, and it was a terrible decision.
  5. I saw these last night "in person", well, on tv, on the game on FS1. Everyone's allowed to have an opinion here, correct? I dislike them quite a bit. I won't say I hate them, but they are not good. It's probably for all the reasons the brown got removed way back in '92. They are just, yuck. Putrid. I still think the Padres nailed it in 2016. That one and done is my biggest uni disappoint in the past ten years.
  6. I just wish the White Sox would ditch that stupid batterman logo on the jersey and use the classic, inconic old English Sox. Then put the diamond sock back on the sleeve. If they need to keep the batterman on the hat for spring training, I can deal with that. But seeing the NASA Sox and the old English Sox on the same jersey is mind numbingly awful.
  7. WTF is that???? I've been starting at it for a minute and have no idea!
  8. Change the red to blue and blue to red (to get away from the Angels), boom, done.
  9. These are brutal. I'm sorry. To me, the perfect uniforms for Texas would be this: Take the 1994 unis and flip-flop red and blue. Hats, lettering, socks become blue. All of the outlines become red. Done.
  10. What was the Dodgers "LA" tweak? Never heard of that.
  11. The 2016 cap was absolutely gorgeous. I bought one (from Chicago, a White Sox fan). That's how much I liked it.
  12. Guys, there's a trademark symbol there. That's the new Brewers logo. It's a done deal. I'm not seeing two shades of blue. That's either a Topps effect or just some distortion due to blowing up the photo.
  13. Ok, so we are talking about the 39thirtys afterall. That took a week and a half to clear up I would never wear that grey trucker flexfit hat above.
  14. That's a 39Thirty, which I mentioned earlier but was told that's not what is being discussed.