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  1. am i the only one who prefers the Rams in Yellow rather than Gold?
  2. Here is some of the changes we talked about: remembered the TV #'s, Added the Diamond plate to the pants and Jersey #. Colored the cuffs (but not the collar). Couldnt decide if I should do the Diamond plate like that, on the sleeve color or possibly on the shoulder (kinda like old school oregon). Thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the input everyone... I actually thought about using the steel in the inlays and also coloring on the collar and cuffs... although i cant really stand the partial colored collars like this picture below (gold around the neck) also i just noticed i forgot the TV # on top of the shoulders... imagine those there, lol
  4. First of all I wish our Defense wouldn't suck so bad this year... A Modern but Simple, yet Logical Steeler redesign... Helmet Changes - HGI (dark diamond plate) Wrap, Increased the size of the stripe to be similar to the pants stripe Jersey Changes - No more sleeve stripes, no more horrible throwbacks... went with a alternative color instead. Stayed with the current number font. The block numbers are too old school, IMO Pants Changes - Modern Pants keeping the same "current idea". Added Black pants which could be worn with the Alts or the Away Unis
  5. I actually dig the seahawks... only downfall is the pants stripe...
  6. would be even sweeter if the wing pattern on the jersey were silver/chrome as well
  7. Heres Toledos new Matte hats w/ the Rocket on one side and there uni # on the other...
  8. i dont mind the seahawks new uni... except the pants stripe...
  9. Would it be unpatriotic for a Canadian like me to like the American Timmies logo better than the Canadian one? I can't stand the "Cafe and Bake Shop" BS they're using in the states. It's Tim Horton's DONUTS! i used to work there... funny thing is in the entire store nothing is baked... everything comes frozen... so if by baked you mean unthawed.
  10. Thanks all! I had no idea, looks like were going back to "the drawing board".
  11. Hey All, I coach for a Womens Contact Football team and this coming season marks our 10th Year. We are thinking about re-branding the team and I wanted to get your c+c on what we have come up with... (*disclaimer i dont know what I did when I saved but the new version is still supposed to be purple, not pink). First the current, then the proposed. Current Look Proposed Look (again not supposed to be pink) Still considering changing the helmet design. A Gargoyle is the "mascot", but not many Garoyle's to choose from at helmet decal companies. Found a place that could do Gargoyle/Bat/Dragon Wings (similar to an Eagles helmet), but not sure that would fit the new uni.
  12. Love the logo! The all green is sweet. But the white pants with the spots are killer. Not sure if i like the green and blue together, perhaps the blue should just be an accent or minor color?
  13. Die hard Steeler fan here. Usually a traditionalist, not really a Pro Combat or Throwback fan but I've seen other give their opinion of a new Steelers concept and I wanted to try my own. Idea: Color, inspired by the old San Diego St color-fade hats Graphic interlaced, the new hydro-graphics that is all the rage, seen others use the "fitting" use of diamond plate in their Pittsburgh concepts and its pretty good idea if it can be done right. Logo, Kept the original, almost went with the old school guy punting on the I beam, but just didnt look right. Kept the original logo so it didnt seem so far-fetched. Let me know your c+c. First concept Ive posted.
  14. The shield logo, looks like a babys bib
  15. could ya please do one with this...
  16. big ben/troy would be a sick one
  17. top looks like scriptina, not positive tho
  18. rams is nice! Browns orange pants = worst idea ever... even brian sipe didnt like em, lol
  19. these are awesome, instantly one of the best. hope they use the black not too often tho while IN THE DESERT! the new helmet is great, blows that disney looking sparky out of the water (even tho sparky will still be on the back of the helmets)