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  1. would love to hear the opposite of this arguement (most overused)
  2. Could I get Pittsburgh Steelers, Pens and Pirates World Championships along with Pitt and Buckeyes Football National Titles?
  3. id like to see a revamp of the steelers old logo of the steel worker kicking the football on the I beam
  4. Excellent work! Are the Penguins, Steelers or Buckeyes possible?
  5. JJ, What if u used the helmet stripe into the fur of the wolverine... like on top of his head where the lighter yellow is currently idk, just thinkin outloud
  6. nice set... rams r great, love jets helmet!
  7. nice concepts... dont like the stripes or graphics on the compression shirts tho
  8. love the jags and chargers not keen on cowboys n brownies
  9. #1 and #3 however #3 seems like an alt logo to me
  10. Cardinals and Chargers were decent... rest had too many stripes! Steelers need better numbers...
  11. Browns, worst name... Hookies is up there too, agreed Jazz is pretty lame.
  12. i despise the pink... i understand the awareness, but its revolting on uniforms. Shoulda made just the refs and/or sideline gear.
  13. How about a Pirates one that says mission .500?
  14. Huge pens fan here but I cant stand the Blues...
  15. Any chance of a Pittsburgh one? Love the concept, they all are smashing! Team: Steelers City: Pittsburgh Logo: Primary logo Background Print: maybe super bowl IX, SB X, SB XIII, SB XIV, SB XL, SB XLIII Anything Else: thanks in advance...
  16. That West Sidney Helmet Logo "WS" is awesome!
  17. sick flacons logo! way better than the old caps...