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  1. i really like the first version of target pants
  2. too much stroke in the #'s also Purple pants on the Away would be sick to match the helmet instead of Yellow Away.
  3. as a whole... your NFC West is my fav conf so far
  4. digging the ducks 3rd... is the ottawa O too plain?
  5. my original thought with the first logo was: take away the inner circle I do like the state w/ the block ssc in it lose the "olive branch" design at bottom of circle increase the size of the south subaurban confrence... put south suburban around top of cirlce, then conference below where the olive branch thing was.
  6. yeah, all for fun everyone. Just seeing what ideas i could come up with is all.
  7. Here is my family crest. (first logo) I wanted to try to update the look of it. The second logo was my first try. This next one is where I am currently. I love the direction its going but still not sold on it. Any C+c or ideas out there?
  8. it would be cool see a pittsburgh version of these... pens logo would prolly work best as a base, maybe Steelers
  9. Love the AF and NC! Like the concept with the green in the Fresno, but something is still off.
  10. really diggin te script jersey... kinda a old school feel, NICE!
  11. What about ECU's midfield logo for the helmet?
  12. pitt, iowa and ND are sick! white usc, Gt and georgia are sweet as well...
  13. perhaps you have a point seahawk, but i can stand not to see the old TB unis ever again!
  14. if they wear all white the helmets will be fine...
  15. Chad being Chad... sad when you have to put yourself first even in a situation like this. IF chad attempts to wear the # I'll consider it to be a display of Chads selfishness one again. The helmets will have numbers and the WHOLE LEAGUE is doing a moment of silence. Be respectful Chad and dont think about your own publicity for once.
  16. IMO the rolled up tie looks like a roll of TP