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  1. On 22/12/2016 at 6:55 AM, Marcos Flamengo said:

    I have to tell a testimony of mine: I've watched the 2011 Stanley Cup Final Game 7 between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins on ESPN Brasil. At that Game 7, the Canucks did not play nothing, they were dominated by Tim Thomas, Zdeno Chara and the Bruins. They were beaten by the Black and Gold, 4-0. The final series score: 4 games to 3 for the Bruins. I saw many Canucks fans crying at the game 7's final seconds. And after that, many fans made an infamous riot just like in 1994 after the Rangers beat the.

    Many Canucks fans blamed Marty McSorley for this traumatic loss and the lack of competence that Canucks had in the final two games.

    Okay.... what?


    As a Canucks fan and season ticket holder who attended that game 7 i can most certainly say there is no way any canucks fan inside that building or watching it anywhere spared a thought about McSorely for even a second.


    The Canucks lost that game because they were tired, injured, and simply beaten down by a better team who deserved the cup. No one blames anyone for that loss except for the fact the team was done mentally and physically after game 5. There is no McSorely voodoo with the Canucks at all. The "many people" you claim believe that are probably tweekers on Hastings and Main. And If YOU genuinely believe that, i want what your smoking.

  2. Would it not be fair to just open up 1 or 2 sections for away fans? Segregate them like they do in European soccer, make a cap on how many tickets are available, sell the lot of tickets in that section(s) to the Blackhawks, then they can sell them to STH or whoever online as a "travel pack." Both teams make money on it and that way the Hawks fans can still go to the game.

  3. Hate the fact that I want the Blackhawks to win the west. hate hate hate hate.

    Hopefully the habs and rangers win though.

    I can't stand cheering the thought of cheering for either.... still, the thought of seeing Kesler raise the cup makes me wretch personal trauma*. Anyone brave enough to make a prediction? I think the Hawks will take it at home, in six.

    *to quote Mr McMahon

    Weren't you a Canucks fan?

  4. Except it is extreme. Ice skating and roller blading are different sets of skills. On Ice, you cut and slice and start and stop. On roller blades, you kind of have to keep rolling. There are the brake pads, sure, but the roller blades don't handle or allow you to do the same movements like you can on ice skates. You're asking them to break in an entirely different set of equipment and fundamentally change how they play the game.

    Would you like to see the Lakers and Heat play team handball? Have the Seahawks and Patriots play rugby? Have the Cardinals and Giants play cricket? You might as well drop the blade/skate concept entirely and have them play field hockey.

    As an offseason charity game? Yeah, that's where your idea holds water. As an in-season NHL game event? No way in hell.

    I don't think brakepads are on roller hockey skates. Stopping is almost the same...not as crisp on wheels, but it's the same form.

    I had brake pads on my rollerblades and so did most of my teammates, but the league We played in banned them (and forced us to remove them) cause they would damage the tile playing surface.

  5. Everton had a solid outing today, Lukaku seems to be back on form and Mirallas is playing no small roll in helping that. We've already clinched top spot in the EL group of death.

    Also, four English teams played German opponents this week, and four English teams won (by a combined score of 12-2). A series sweep if you will.

    Not so bold prediction: Celtic will flame out in the round of 32.

    Agree fully with that prediction with Celtic. I believe that their squad is not strong enough for Europe, especially if they get drawn against a 3rd place UCL club.

    The team is too soft mentally and the defense is crap. They have the strikers, and with Guidetti available for the Round of 32 that will help us tremendously. But they just need to bring in a name defender and DUMP Efe Ambrose. He single handedly cost us the tie against Juventus in the CL 2 years ago and has shown no positive qualities whatsoever in the games I've seen him play since. This team has what it takes to make it to the round of 16, but they need to bring in a good defender in Jan and make Celtic Park 100% available. The game today only had the lower bowl filled. I get that its just the Europa League but its still a major European competition, having the stadium at max capacity is what makes it such an intimidating place to play in, and that alone can give us an edge over big teams.

  6. Quality of construction? Or design?

    Material of the uniform. It's so thin and prone to damage it's absolutely ridiculous. I have 3 Adidas shirts (Whitecaps, Liverpool, Scotland) and they're miles ahead of nike as far as quality goes. Two of my Nike Celtic kits already have minor rips or deteriorating material. I can live with the Adidas stripes as long as they can maintain hoops going down the arms. Nike is just absolute garbage.

  7. Trouble just seems to find you, doesn't it?

    I live in a very rough part of an otherwise beautiful city. Being associated with a large generation of alcoholics/druggies/scrubs without common sense or direction in life doesn't help either. Take a walk through downtown Vancouver on a Saturday night and some jackass is gonna try picking a fight with you for absolutely no reason within 20 mins.

    @BigBubba I figured someone here would look at what I said as story about hating on natives, when it isn't at all, someone always finds a way to take it the wrong way. That's why I put that down.

  8. I it wasn't obvious enough, the city of Vancouver has the WORST fans. And this is coming from a Canucks fan


    Earlier this past season I actually took physical abuse for wearing a Canucks jersey in my own city. I was walking through the Native Reserve after a Blackhawks/Canucks game viewing party at a friends house (he's native) and without going into details, a group of Native Blackhawks fans decided to jump and assault me for being a "Whiteboy with a poor taste in hockey teams." I know a lot of Natives in my city like the Blackhawks as their "second" team for obvious reasons, but it's been getting out of hand since the Hawks have become a dynasty. Almost all the Natives I'm associated with (friends and mutual friends) are now all hardcore Blackhawks bandwagoners. I get it, they're good, and they have a badass native as their crest. But WHY go and jump fellow citizens of the city that you live in, for supporting the local team. It's just ridiculous.

  9. Ambrose is a :censored:ing plug. I wanted him gone after turning the ball over on EVERY goal against in our home leg vs Juventus in the UCL a while back. This only makes me loathe his presence even more. This Celtic team is turning into a complete disaster. They need to sell Forster for big $$$ and FAST if they hope to break even this year. Attendance is :censored:e, the quality of the league is :censored:e, and no UCL money is gonna kill us unless we pull off a miracle or manage to make an unlikely run through Europa League.