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  1. Getting bent over that hard by a polish team has proven to me the Celtic would never last in the Premier League if the opportunity finally came. They could've competed in the EPL with the team they had 10-15 years ago, but it'll never happen now.
  2. Celtic vs Warsaw was dreadful to watch. Europa League here we come, unless we can pull out some magic out of our ass like we did to Shakter Karagandy last summer. At least it's at Celtic Park so there IS a chance but fml no Champions League money is gonna hurt the team who relies on it at all costs.
  3. You at least get it, thank you!
  4. The passion in soccer rich cities greatly overwhelm the passion of North American sports fans. You have for example the Yankees Red Sox rivalries. Where when either team loses, fans go home, sleep it off and move on to the next game. For example, my team Celtic, they have a history with another team called Rangers. When those teams play each other, people don't just go and sleep it off, they go out to the streets and start fighting anyone wearing the wrong colours. Back in the day, it was assured that when they played each other, people end up in the hospital, or people die, and then have to live with the agony of that loss for a whole week or until they play again. My grandma who comes from a celtic rich family, married a rangers supporter, was shunned by her entire family for 40 years and seemingly forced to move to canada because of the abuse she'd take for being "a traitor" . Over a :censored:ing soccer team. Like, I get Leafs/Habs fan getting rowdy after a game, but not to the point of shunning/disowning family members, smuggling in meat cleavers into a game with the intention of killing someone who has the balls to wear the wrong colours in a building, throwing potatoes stuffed with razor blades at away fans, or quitting your job just to see your favorite team play a game. In countries like Scotland, England, Brazil etc, they take passion to the whole next level, some even treat a team as the most important part of their life. I have never seen anything like the atmosphere, and the passion of soccer fans on game day anywhere else. I'm not really hating on NA sports fans, I'm just sayin that in some countries soccer is more than just a game, it truly is a way of life
  5. Compared to the :censored:e they wore last season I'm more than happy with the Home and 3rd. The piss yellow away? Not so much..
  6. Vancouver Canucks Stan Smyl Trevor Linden Pavel Bure Markus Naslund
  7. 2004 Tampa Bay Lightning 2011 Vancouver Canucks 2007 Buffalo Sabres 2010 Philadelphia Flyers
  8. The Steve Moore incident Canucks clinch Presidents Trophy 2011 Celtic 2 Barcelona 1 in the 2012-13 Champions league. Loudest and by far the best atmosphere I have ever felt at a sporting event
  9. Cause for once in his life no one in the building wanted to crucify and disembowl him
  10. At least Vancouver shat the ultimate tsunami of boos on bettman. Kings fans were actually CHEERING him? Wtf
  11. If you want people to give you respect and actually feel bad for you, at least take a page out of CS85's book and use clever gifs and humour. Oh and don't act like it's the end of the :censored:ing world because your team lost ONE game while having a 3-0 lead in the series. Your entitled bitchy attitude has made me do something I never thought I'd do. And this is coming from the biggest hater of the New York Rangers you will ever meet in your life, I hope those Huns somehow come back and win the cup just so you actually knows what it feels like to lose the Stanley Cup on home ice. You don't know what pain is
  12. I'm flying back home from Boston the day after the game, so I won't be able to catch it.
  13. I was hoping Rangers were playing the Whitecaps, especially since they're playing in Victoria on the same trip. It would be be the only way id be able to see my favorite teams' historic rivals in my lifetime. Old Firm games may never happen again if Rangers can't get their :censored: together financially, and seeing and old firm in person is near impossible due to the demand of tickets if it happened and their current league situation
  14. Late 90's Canucks but I was too young to remember the horrors of messier and keenan 2013-14 Vancouver Canucks was the biggest joke of a season I've seen since '08. Torts' defensive mindset basically killed our core players for the majority of the season, and the tradings of Luongo AND Schnieder, which I still can't believe actually happened. 2011 Vancouver Whitecaps. Sure it was expansion and all, but holy hell, they couldn't compete for :censored: against a league full of players who still have a part time job outside of soccer.
  15. June 15th 2011. Everything was set up to become a perfect day, the day I had been dreaming about since I began following the Canucks. Beautiful sunny day, last day of school, my 17th birthday, Game 7, of the Stanley Cup Finals, at home against a team whose number we had at the Rog, it seemed like nothing could go wrong. But no, my team loses the biggest game in their history on home ice, by a landslide, and over 100,000 people annihilate the city overnight. "A storybook season, but just not quite the storybook ending." -Craig Simpson Those words are branded in my memory forever. When the Canucks got bounced by the Kings in 2012, that hurt, hell, getting swept by San Jose licked balls, but nothing compares to that loss. That god damn loss drained all the serotonin in my soul, I can barely find enjoyment watching the Canucks now because every home game reminds me of that horrible day.
  16. From a bitter Canucks fan's point of view, who is the lesser of 3 evils here. LA Kings, who I hate purely cause of their bitchy entitled fans who seem to show up only around playoff time, the Blackhawks, because of 2009-11, or the Rangers, who ruined arguably the most memorable year (1994) in my team's history... Mmm, :censored: it GO HAWKS!
  17. You've clearly never been to Canada during the playoffs. Try and find tickets at that price for just REGULAR SEASON games and then bitch about ticket prices. Playoff tickets in Vancouver would cost you your whole two week paycheck, an arm/leg/your soul, and then some.