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  1. 1888. Celtic vs Rangers: first ever old firm game. It would be a trip to see it as an old game of soccer before it turned into the intense holy war from hell. 1937. Scotland vs England. 149,000 people pack Hampden park to its record capacity to see Scotland beat England 3-1 1967. Scotland vs England at Wembley. Scotland wins 3-2 over the England team that won the World Cup the year before. Oh and there were only 99,000 people at that game
  2. 94 and 2011 Vancouver Canucks. Although they weren't championship seasons, both runs to the final will live on in the history of this city. Although, for all the wrong reasons.
  3. What pisses me off even more than people not showing up before puck drop (which can be forgiven if said people are in line for beer/food/bathroom) are the people that leave the game during the intermission or when there's 5 mins left in the game. I had to work security during a Canucks game against the oilers last season and I had about 40-60 people walk through the exit I was stationed at during the 2nd intermission, and it was like a 2-1 game at that point. That bugged me, but what got to me even more was at the 6 minutes left mark of the game (tied 2-2) I had hordes of people pouring out the exits and even more at the 3rd intermission. And it was tied going into overtime ffs. You pay over 100+ bucks a head for tickets and you don't even stick around to see the conclusion of the game you spent an arm and a leg for? I even saw a little kid around 7ish years old being forcibly dragged out of the arena by his mother during the overtime intermission crying his eyes out not even wanting to leave. It was probably one of his first games and you won't even let him see the finish? :censored: people
  4. Maybe just add bleachers or a standing room area behind the net.
  5. The Berttuzzi Game Game 2 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals
  6. Worst jersey since the wild wing disaster. Ill take the Isles black third over that anyday. Can the sabres get ANYTHING right for once?
  7. They look pretty good but I just wish they could have a consistent home uniform design that lasts at least a few years. Away kit looks great, much fresher and way less boring than last years black uniform. Last years away kit was alright but it needed way more green. You could hardly see the grey hoops from a distance. The new away just screams Celtic.
  8. Bulls on Parade by Rage Against The Machine Creeping Death by Metallica The Trooper by Iron Maiden Children of the Grave by Black Sabbath
  9. NHL 2013 Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs Game 7 2013 Chicago Blackhawks vs Boston Bruins Game 6 2011 Vancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins Game 1 & 2 2011 Vancouver Canucks vs San Jose Sharks Game 5 2011 Vacouver Canucks vs Chicago Blackhawks Game 7 2010 Philadelphia Flyers vs Boston Bruins Game 7 MLB 2011 Game 162 Soccer 2013 Borrusia Dortmund vs Malaga Champions League 2nd leg 2012 Celtic vs Barcelona Champions League Group Stage 2012 Manchester City/Manchester United last day of the season 2011 Celtic vs Rangers (12/28/11)
  10. 2010 Chicago Blackhawks. I work with this Italian/native guy and he's the most die hard hawks fan and canuck hater I know personally, all throughout those playoffs I never heard the end of it from him, especially after the weak cup winning goal from Kane. The bragging and gloating dragged on all summer long. 2003 FC Porto. The UEFA cup final: FC Porto vs Celtic. Non stop diving from Porto and a heart crushing cup winning goal in the 118th minute cost my favorite team probably the only European Cup final ill have the privilege of seeing Celtic play in in my lifetime. 2012 New York Rangers. My only horse in those playoffs (the capitals) upset the Boston Bruins, one of the best teams all season and it was even sweeter that it happened in game 7, overtime, and to the team that caused me more sports pain than any other (June 15th, 2011). The following series against another team i had a serious dislike for (New York Rangers); the Capitals were 5 seconds away from taking a 3-2 series lead back to Washington but of course Brad Richards and Marc Staal made that not happen. I had to miss game 7 due to my Grandads funeral and when I found out the caps lost; I felt like punching a hole in the wall out of pure anger, depression, and rage. I hated the Rangers enough before that series, but that just made me hate the team with an unfathomable passion.
  11. I was in the same Biology class as Jackson Houck, who was just drafted in the 4th round by the Edmonton Oilers. Wow.
  12. Signed Gary Hooper Celtic kit Signed Kenny Miller Whitecaps Kit Game Worn Petr Bondra jersey
  13. Whats that black lace hanging down the side of the collar? Very nice kit though Button up collar
  14. That's a bit harsh isn't it? I get that he used the wrong word but you coulda just stopped there without insulting his support for the game.
  15. Torts is being interviewed for the Canucks head coaching job
  16. As some cities have more than one team, you'd only need to visit a dozen or so to be able to see all 20 clubs play at home. Should make completing this one a little easier. Yeah I do realize that. I meant to put down "visit all 20 EPL stadiums." Durr
  17. Attend a Stanley Cup Final game (Game 2, 2011 Finals) Attend a Stanley Cup Clinching Game Attend a Capitals Home Game Attend a Capitals Playoff Game Attend an FA Cup Game (upcoming vacation next year) Attend an EPL Game in all 20 stadiums (upcoming vacation next year) Attend a Champions League Game (Celtic vs Barcelona, 2012) Attend a Champions League Final Attend an Old Firm (Celtic vs Rangers) Scottish Cup Game Attend a Boston Red Sox home game Attend a World Series game Attend a World Series clinching game
  18. So Instead of looking like like the 2010 Olympic team, you made them look like the 2002 Olympic team.