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  1. yeah i realized that after i was done making it, ill re-do it soon and save it in png.
  2. Yeah i mixed a few elements from past uni's and the current ones here. 1980-92 design with original colours vintage circle logo with 1992-2002 "robo penguin" logo inside current font and pants with original colours C&C is appreciated
  3. the 1st update was the best one IMO
  4. he pretty much purposely made the wings look like . i personally don't think he went far enough. in fact its quite passable for an nhl jersey. if you really want to make the wings look like , add piping, 5 shades of red, endless stripes. I was expecting an all out patsoxed wings jersey. This however is a abomination of a wings jersey: O____________________________________________________O What makes that even more terrible is the tna logo on the arms. thats just Baaaaaaad
  5. i was so bored today that i PURPOSELY did this
  6. fixed the shoulder yoke on latvia's jerseys, changed the star logo on the USA jersey's and added numbers on the USA alternate's sleeves, dont know how i missed that
  7. Team USA Team Latvia Team Germany Team Canada Very big thanks to speedy for making the pants template and logo maker for making it paint compatible
  8. I did the original vector version of those pants which was taken from Andrew over at However, I don't think anyone has converted it to paint. I took speedy's vector version and converted it to a bitmap. I used those pants for my concept template (for which you posted). Here in a bitmap of the pants and a basic helmet (Please for next you post give my a shout if you use my template setup, Thanks ). thank you SOOO much
  9. can someone please post an nhl pants template for paint. such as this for example
  10. YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS my concept is on there, its the gradient one
  11. Looks very nice, although the shoulder piping isn't necassary it still is a good concept. also can you tell me where you found that pants template?
  12. Bump, please show off the rest
  13. what i chose for the uniforms were their 1986-87 uniforms mostly because the canucks flying v jerseys are probably impossible to put into a reebok edge template. i chose the blues and canucks for this because i believe that these two teams will eventually start a rivalry soon and IMO that could make this a great winter classic. It could take place at the B.C. place stadium with its new roof in mabye 2011 or 2012 whenever its completed.