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  1. Any site that even has the word "wholesale" or "cheap" is an obvious red flag
  2. 2009 Detroit Winter Classic + Leaked Leafs Jersey = Beautiful matchup.
  3. Wow, i was right about to request this lol. May I get this same one but with the logo on both sides and "You'll Never Walk Alone" as the text?
  4. Being a Canucks fan is like getting repeatedly kicked in the balls by the fans of every other team in the NHL (regular season), getting ice to numb the pain a bit (a spot in the playoffs), then getting repeatedly kicked in the balls again (elimination and riots).
  5. And the bitter taste of the never ending humiliation of being a Canucks fan, Jannik Hansen; what in the actual were you thinking throwing an elbow from the top rope like that? And Kesler too, wtf? As if our reputation couldn't get any worse. Great effort to tie it at the end but come the on guys
  6. Yes, i'm well aware.......... Then what's the problem with the Canadiens having the anthem done in French? I just don't get why you think it's a big deal. My problem is with how they butcher the anthem by splitting it half-English half-French. Do it in one language or the other, not both.
  7. Try playing a night game in Scotland and you'll see why they wear those tight undershirts. I'm pretty sure every player wears those tight shirts under their uniforms regardless if its a short sleeve or a long sleeve top because it can get so bloody cold over there. It's not a fashion thing, it's just to keep the players comfortable during the match.
  8. On your original concept: use the logo on your update, add black shoulder yokes, and make the green cuffs black, and you have a winner IMO
  9. I wish I could find the clip of Don Taylor talking about joe nieuwendyk before doing coverage of a mighty ducks game. Then spilling out "The Mighty Dykes of -err Ducks, were taking on (team)" and couldn't keep a straight face for the rest of the show
  10. I hate how some teams just just use a modern catchy song or a generic rock song thats overplayed at sporting events like Kickstart my Heart (Mötley Crüe), that Wolfmother song, or Thunderstruck (AC/DC)". I always thought it'd be epic for a team to enter to an underused but still badass heavy metal song. For example, Raining Blood (Slayer), The Hellion/Electric Eye (Judas Priest), or Creeping Death (Metallica) Rooster (Alice in Chains) or hell even Those Damn Blue Collar Tweekers (Primus) would be songs I'd love to see used
  11. I just hope they wear this at least one or twice a season like the devils and not adopt it full time. It'll get really stale really fast if they do.
  12. Seriously? If anything, the NHL needs to contract rather than expand
  13. In hockey (ice and inline) I would always wear a helmet the colour of my primary jersey with a cage, or traditional visor (for one year) in the jersey's secondary colour. Blue helmet w/ green cage for all my years in ice hockey, Black helmet w/ bright yellow visor (wore it for one year but got in trouble from the league for not wearing a full face one), black helmet w/ a blue cage and blue helmet w/ green cage for inline hockey. Also had colour coordinated wheels too, with 2 of each colour on each skate.
  14. Stirrups are ugly as hell and should never see full time action on a major league ballpark ever again. Someone had to say it.
  15. I wish that it was mandatory for all MLB players to wear knee high socks (not stirrups) with tight to regular fit pants. Damn the baggy pants to hell!
  16. God help the sharks if they make it to the finals with that set