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  1. Okay.... what? As a Canucks fan and season ticket holder who attended that game 7 i can most certainly say there is no way any canucks fan inside that building or watching it anywhere spared a thought about McSorely for even a second. The Canucks lost that game because they were tired, injured, and simply beaten down by a better team who deserved the cup. No one blames anyone for that loss except for the fact the team was done mentally and physically after game 5. There is no McSorely voodoo with the Canucks at all. The "many people" you claim believe that are probably tweekers on Hastings and Main. And If YOU genuinely believe that, i want what your smoking.
  2. Vancouver Canucks Stan Smyl Trevor Linden Pavel Bure Markus Naslund
  3. June 15th 2011. Everything was set up to become a perfect day, the day I had been dreaming about since I began following the Canucks. Beautiful sunny day, last day of school, my 17th birthday, Game 7, of the Stanley Cup Finals, at home against a team whose number we had at the Rog, it seemed like nothing could go wrong. But no, my team loses the biggest game in their history on home ice, by a landslide, and over 100,000 people annihilate the city overnight. "A storybook season, but just not quite the storybook ending." -Craig Simpson Those words are branded in my memory forever. When the Canucks got bounced by the Kings in 2012, that hurt, hell, getting swept by San Jose licked balls, but nothing compares to that loss. That god damn loss drained all the serotonin in my soul, I can barely find enjoyment watching the Canucks now because every home game reminds me of that horrible day.
  4. Aqualung (by Jethro Tull) would be so epic on the Chicago organ.
  5. Any site that even has the word "wholesale" or "cheap" is an obvious red flag
  6. Stirrups are ugly as hell and should never see full time action on a major league ballpark ever again. Someone had to say it.
  7. Still better attendance than most coyotes games this season
  8. In order of purchase 1997 Red Detroit Red Wings jersey (Signed by Yzerman, Shanahan, and Federov) 1998 White Philadelphia Flyers jersey (Lindros) 1998 White Vancouver Canucks Jersey (lost) 2001 Burgundy Colorado Avalanche Jersey (Sakic) 2001 White Minnesota Wild Jersey (Lost) 2002 Gradient Vancouver Canucks Jersey (Hanley) (Signed by the entire 2002-03 Canucks Roster) 2004 White Tampa Bay Lightning Jersey 2005 Red Team Canada Jersey 2006 Blue Vintage Vancouver Canucks Jersey (Hanley) 2007 Dark Navy Vancouver Canucks Jersey 2008 Blue Vancouver Canucks Jersey (Hanley) 2009 Red Washington Capitals Jersey (Hanley) 2009 Blue Alternate Vancouver Canucks Jersey 2011 White 40th Anniversary Vancouver Canucks Jersey 1994 White Vancouver Canucks Jersey (Bure w/ '94 SCF patch) 1998 Blue Washington Capitals Jersey 1998 Blue Washington Capitals Jersey (Authentic Bondra w/ '98 SCF patch) 2006 White Los Angeles Kings Jersey 2004 White New Jersey Devils Jersey 2010 Black Boston Bruins Jersey (Lucic) (Knockoff I got for free) 1994 Black Vancouver Canucks Jersey (Linden w/ '94 SCF patch) (Knockoff I got for free)
  9. And to think, people here in Vancouver were paying upwards of $1000 each for a seat in the WCF and SCF.
  10. How/Where do you guys buy replica stanley cup championship rings and how much do they normally cost?
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