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  1. Nailed it. Kansas City is a unifying thing for everyone who lives here and rallies behind our sports teams.
  2. Obviously, want the black to sell and it has based off the numbers we've gotten but it's not here to stay. You'll see a return to a more traditional Sporting "dark" kit next season. It's one of my favorites. Excited to get it released next year.
  3. The league has certainly pushed away from light and dark combo's. It's why you'll likely never seen Sporting in hoops again even though it was a fan favorite.
  4. This is true. Long-sleeve is no longer an option. Players will be wearing long sleeve compression shirts if they want that option from what I've heard.
  5. Shorts are a blue-gray, which adidas officially calls "Raw Gray". It is meant to match the digital sashes. I can say it looks great from what we got in the marketing photoshoot. Excited to see it on the field.
  6. Getting hotter ;) Kit launch btw is Monday - February 4.
  7. It's something the league won't allow us to do. It wouldn't give enough contrast from a secondary "dark" kit. Which I don't agree with.
  8. adidas literally sent 5 tops which still have sample tags. They're simply not ready. It's still pulling teeth to even get that. The entire shipment comes in late January for every club.
  9. Yet our club clearly does and still struggles to get anything. You're overestimating how much say we actually have.
  10. Unfortunately, most clubs didn't get their kits yet from adidas. At Sporting we only have 5-10 tops right now, mostly because we asked for them early to start photoshoots.
  11. That's fair but its exactly against their guidelines to do so. Adidas has ghosted logos in the past so it doesn't surprise me. I'm just saying how it should be.
  12. It would be exactly like this. That's their proper one color logo for dark backgrounds.
  13. Technically they do allow them. Adidas requires a combined sale of 100,000 units of primary/secondary jerseys every season to get a third kit. That's a worldwide requirement. No one in MLS even comes close. I still wish they treated MLS differently on that front but it is what it is.
  14. Downloaded the SVG. There is for sure a royal blue and "dark" blue in it.
  15. This would more than likely violate Bell's brand guidelines. Most companies require a certain amount of clear space around their logo.
  16. Another little-hidden gem in the MLS font near the top of every number:
  17. Looks like it has the Scotland 2018 kit pattern on it.
  18. I would even add that both Nike and adidas are focused on the World Cup and major partners in this cycle. This is why you're seeing templates show up elsewhere. In years past even MLS clubs were getting decently unique kits. Looking to 2019, I think you'll notice this trend of more unique looks based on what I've seen from adidas's design positioning for next cycle.
  19. I do work for Sporting KC. It's a message we've received from adidas. This is also why you've seen the decline in third kits for even European clubs. Nature of the business. If adidas finds it cost effective I'm sure they'd gladly return to offering them without huge minimums.
  20. MLS does technically allow third kits. The issue is with adidas. A club must sell 100,000 units of their home kit to be eligible for a third in a single year. No one comes close to that.
  21. Same applied to last season for release dates. It's truly up to the clubs.
  22. Most jersey releases fall in Early-Mid February. However nearly every MLS team plays their preseason friendlies in their training shirts with numbers. SKC, for example, wears training tops and shorts with our real socks. Atleast they have the past few seasons
  23. I can confirm that this is not true.
  24. That's a fair argument. I'm just telling you what I've heard from inside the league. I would guess MNUFC could still order a miadidas templated jersey without the ventilation holes. Either way MNUFC joining the league so fast bit them in the ass a little on getting custom jerseys. Normal process takes atleast two years from start to finish.
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