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  1. The undershirt is bugging me too. Otherwise, I enjoy it.
  2. Sorry, but ook at the back of the home shirt. I personally don't mind it. Reminds me a little of my favourite ever england shirt (1986, which I own) but only on the back not the front: Well, that's disappointing.
  3. Another thing that bothers me about the Spurs away kit are the lines extending from the collar to the shoulder. This attribute is so dated and they just don't look nice. I can't tell if they're the same width the entire way or if they flare out at the end. It's just bad. I really dislike the away kit. As for the home kit, we all seem to be on the same page as far as the HP logo is concerned. Not much can be done about that. But if it wasn't for some 90's inspriation (see 1995 jersey below), I'd say Under Armour failed with this entire set.
  4. Lovely. Nike is having a solid 2013/14 kit campaign.
  5. Here's a preview of the color section from HP's Graphic Standards publication in 2006: I can't tell if they applied the "corporate" guidlines for the new Spurs kits or if they decided on one of the "dominant" colors. Either way, they approved the black logo fro the away (and keeper?) kit, but went with an unmatched color logo for the home kit. The bottom line: it looks bad
  6. I just can't get over how un-smooth the HP logo looks on the home kit.
  7. mstucci at gmail dot com Great work - can't wait to use it!