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  1. He's right. It's nothing more than a cash grab. But sometimes virtuous actions have unexpected consequences.
  2. If you need to explain and defend elements of the logo, then it probably isn't a good logo to begin with. Maybe they should have spent more time on the logo and less on the fancy explanation website, I think Bolt957 nailed it a few posts above (minus the "A" crossbar).
  3. There's really no other way to look at it other than a design flaw. It doesn't match anything else in the logo and stands out way too much. If anything, it forces some sort of futuristic font into an otherwise backwoods rustic style. I'm sure they've already figured out some corporate talk to explain it away by saying the wolf ate it or something.
  4. I don't think it's worst case scenario, I think that's exactly what's happening. Making every logo in the league similar in size and shape makes for an easy shoulder patch in a few years. Why else would they do that? They'll go with the corporate shoulder patch logo for a few years until everyone gets used to them and then they'll make the switch. It won't be long before the NBA is just like soccer and everyone will want a big ad on the front because the jerseys won't look authentic without one.
  5. Speaking of the Burlington Bees, I worked for them back in the late 90's when they were a Cincinnati Reds affiliate. Back then, the Reds required (or maybe strongly suggested) that all of their minor league teams feature red as the primary color. To facilitate this, the Bees rolled out red hats (with grey bills) to wear at home and replaced their yellow trim with red. The result was this monstrosity - complete with blue pinstripes. The road unis were even worse. The only red to be found was on the numbers and the trim on the front of the jersey. They apparently satisfied the Reds rules, but certainly didn't look anything like the parent club.
  6. Las Vegas Knights Who Say Ni At this point, why not?
  7. They're not going to let some two-bit minor league team tell they they can't use a name. A couple of C+ law school grad students can make the London Knights tuck their tails and apologize with one or two billable hours of work and a cease and desist letter or two. Neon Knights would be great, but in another 5-10 years, nobody is even going to remember what neon was - let alone support such an outdated moniker.
  8. Visit Florida? That's Incredible! As a Florida resident, I'm glad to see my tax dollars being put to good use.
  9. I guess "Red, White, and Boom" was already taken!
  10. Looks just like the last hundred or so new logos. Is there some sort of new rule that every company on Earth now has to use the same font in their logo?
  11. Is there a good reason why we can't get one consistent color for the entire jersey? It's 2016 - we have unmanned drones flying around and driverless cars on the road. So why does Texas need two different shades of burnt orange on their jersey?
  12. According to this article, the colors have already been decided - black, gold and gray. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/las-vegas-nhl-franchise-has-its-colors--black--gold-and-gray-160607622.html And this article indicates that a fan vote probably won't happen. It sounds like Black Knights is the likely name. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/las-vegas-nhl-team-name-may-not-be-decided-by-fan-vote-211314350.html
  13. That looks like the Cubs logo...with a football inside of it.
  14. It's kind of sad if your team is called the Lightning and your "best" logo looks absolutely nothing like lightning. I've seen a lightning strike or two in my life, but never one that is three separate colors with the top of the strike being a hundred times wider than the point of the strike.
  15. Are there other logos out there that do intimidate you? Like legitimately scare you so much that you don't want your team to face them?
  16. This is without a doubt, the best concept I have ever seen. This thing blows the real version so far out of the water it isn't even funny. What a remarkable execution of color and design. You have an instantly recognizable logo unlike any interlocking SD logo we've ever seen and a color combination that not only screams "San Diego" but is also unique to this design alone. I *guess* you could argue that the Jacksonville Jaguars have a similar color scheme (although in a different sport on the other side of the country) but baseball has seen nothing like this. I almost wished I had never seen this, because it's so much better than anything the Padres will come out with on their own.
  17. There are also several NFL teams that do the exact same thing. AFAIK, Carolina and Seattle do this (the former has 'Keep Pounding', the latter has '12'). And Winnipeg has an inscription on their jerseys, too. Maybe I'm just old and out of touch, but in my life-long obsession with sports uniforms, I can say without a doubt that "hanger effects" are the single most ridiculous uniform elements I have ever seen. I can't see any way on any level where these things...or "effects" (really?) are anything more than a blatant money grab. Have we reached the point where uniform manufacturers think of fans as being so dumb that we actually believe our favorite players are sitting at their lockers before games staring at some generic "break the rock" or "all for one" slogan to get hyped up as they reflect on their roles in the history of the organization? If these things are to be taken seriously, they need to work. Just today we had an NFL player get released because he tried to fight a teammate over a pair of headphones. If only those players had been out "riding the eagle...TOGETHER" or whatever else their jerseys told them to do, this never would have been an issue.
  18. That's pretty ironic, considering that the city suburb of Anaheim paid the team to use it.
  19. They should be the Anaheim Angels. Might as well be the Albuquerque Angels. They don't play there either.
  20. The Jays might be more open to grey after getting swept by the Royals in the blue alts. Sometimes your luck just runs out.
  21. The Royals are a team that has had the exact same look (with some minor tweaking) since the started as a team in 1969. They aren't going to change for the Dodgers or anyone else. They have rocked this look for almost 50 years now. They ain't changing for no one.
  22. I'm right because I'm right. You're wrong because you're wrong. ...and you're a big fat dutyhead. Nah, nah, ne, boo, boo.
  23. I feel like all these teams are currently in "uniform purgatory." They just can't decide on a look so they throw everything they can together in hopes that something works. Unfortunately, in most cases, it doesn't. Not all of them need a complete upgrade, but they all need to decide on one look and do away with all the meaningless alts: Tampa Bay Cleveland Minnesota Texas Washington St. Louis Arizona Colorado San Diego
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