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  1. That. Is awesome. And probably very sensible, financially. The softball players love the short porch in left and the baseball players love the short dimension to center.
  2. That's interesting about no flag for the championship in Milwaukee- or Boston, for that matter. When I visited Turner Field for a game a couple of years ago they had a very nice visual display on the outfield wall of the team's history from Boston to Milwaukee to Atlanta, so it's not like they aren't interested in playing up the franchise's full history.
  3. Random question that occurred to me while watching a Lakers playoff game the other day. Are the Lakers' banners covered up when the Clippers are the home team at Staples Center?
  4. They did at one point have the 96 wild card winner banner on the outfield wall but have since removed it.... the last time I remember it there was in 2003 How many other teams have (or have had) a wild card "champion" banner? The Astros did (do?) for 2005. The Cubs have a flag for 1998. It seems like the obvious thing for the Rockies to do would have been to add a flag pole on the scoreboard and fly their pennant on that.
  5. I think that last one is photoshopped. In 2005 Mike Davis kept bringing up that they were the 4th seed in why IU deserved to be in the NCAA Tournament, despite getting beat in the first round of the BTT by 14 against fellow bubbler Minnesota. Haha. Wow, obviously I didn't realize it was a photoshopped pic when I posted it. I definitely remember Davis' ridiculous comments about being the 4th seed. Good times.
  6. Apparently Griffey has changed his mind. The Sox beat writer says Griffey will keep #17.
  7. I believe the Cincinnati team disbanded for a year and the key members went to Boston to start the now Atlanta Braves. The Reds are the oldest team, but the Braves are the longest continuously run team.
  8. Allstate Arena: Rush/DePaul Wolves DePaul/Wolves
  9. Here are some more: Blackhawks (I couldn't find a good picture of the Bulls' banners, but they have the same style as these): Indiana:
  10. I'm pretty sure they have flags for all of their playoff appearances. And, joking aside, there are a decent number of them (2 WS, 8 pennants where they didn't win the WS, 4 division, 1 wild card= 15 playoff appearances). Ok, a lot of them are old but my White Sox only have 9 playoff appearances in the same amount of time (3 WS, 3 other pennants, 3 other division titles). These numbers are all post-1901. I like how the Cubs do their playoff appearances with the flags on the roof; it's a very traditional look. I think they are color coded as well for WS, league, division, WC. The White Sox use to have really nice looking flags above the scoreboard/outfield billboards listing the year and title. Since 2005 they've had banners on the outfield light poles, which actually turned out pretty well. I still think flags are more appropriate for baseball though.
  11. Yeah, I thought that too the first time I saw it. AllState Arena (where the Rush, AHL's Wolves, and DePaul basketball play) has a real smörgåsbord of banners. I'll try to take some pictures when I'm there tomorrow for a Wolves game.
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