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  1. I had chosen my previous name to comment on logos on the mothership when I was 12, trying to make it as generic and undistinguishable as possible. I’ve basically been regretting the anythinglogos moniker ever since I started regularly visiting the boards, so this is a very welcome change. My priorities haven’t changed much though
  2. Baseball has a league history long enough that they could do what the stars represented when they first started in Italy: 1 star every 10 World Series titles. The current champion usually wears a World Series Champions patch anyways, but maybe they could go with a gold batterman like the Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga do.
  3. Yeah Nike is doing their brand wide releases tomorrow
  4. I couldn’t figure out why the Houston kit looked so familiar Same color schemes trying to pull off the same effect for two different companies is an even worse look for adidas
  5. Dallas looks to be the same pattern as the River Plate third. Would have been better with white hoops but it’s still nice. Minnesota and Orlando are the best ones. I can see both the LAFC and Atlanta kits selling like hotcakes. Don’t quite understand the center stripe on Cincinnati, probably lifted directly from Juve this season but at that point why not make it orange? The biggest fault of most of these is the template though. Hard to make a pattern look good when it stops so awkwardly below the neck
  6. We’re definitely in the period of knee jerk reaction (which is fine). But the NBA logo is too iconic to change, and retiring a number for a player that didn’t play for the team is silly, except in a case like Jackie Robinson where it was a league changing accomplishment. I do hope the Lakers wear the Kobe designed jerseys on Tuesday, or even replace the Shaq jerseys with those. Surely they have a few dozens lying around. It would be nice if Wish gave up its spot to put a Kobe patch until the end of the season instead but I doubt they will do it.
  7. Serie A canceled their games when Davide Astori died. Granted, that was an active player being found dead in his room before a game, so not exactly comparable to a retired player dying with confirmation arriving less than an hour before the first tipoffs. What an absolute tragedy. There were very few players who were as fun to “sports hate” as much as Kobe, but I quite enjoyed his persona as a retired player, not much more grumpy about the current than other retired NBA stars (his fans are another matter). His daughter having her life cut short at just 13 is absolutely heart wrenching. Cannot imagine how tough this must be for his wife and daughters
  8. On the mobile site, I can’t seem to type at all if I’m replying to a post with a picture in it. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  9. While the box on the white is awful, I actually think that mint green could be a nice supporting color for the Mavs. It contrasts really nicely on the navy jersey, and it’s been a trendy color recently so they could keep a modern brand that pays tribute to their past green
  10. Ok, I’ll bite Helmet: Black Helmet: Black Facemask: White Home Jersey: Red Road Numbers: Red Pants: White or black Personally I think that the now defunct uniforms had the best color balance of any Falcons look. Would like to see the red jersey/black pants combo make the occasional appearence.
  11. The Bucs Flag is deepest red It could not prevent a staph spread And ere their skin grew boils, not gold Nor pewter, but brown dyed the pants fold Then raise the scarlet standard high By Jameis’ throws we’ll live and die Though cowards flinch and opponents sneer We’ll eat a W winning here With heads covered swear we all To wear it onward till we fall With helmets dark and orange trim This song shall be our parting hymn Then raise the scarlet standard high By Jameis’ throws we’ll live and die Though cowards flinch and opponents sneer We’ll eat a W winning here
  12. Good: -The return of bright colors after the move to drab of the 90’s and 00’s. Teams no longer feel the need to darken their colors if they want to sell merchandise. Colors that had generally been avoided by pro sports such as pink and lime green are not taboo anymore. -In baseball, football and hockey, most teams recognize the need to stick the colors that are recognizable to the franchise -Many modernized versions of classic looks The bad -Gray for Grays Sake was a scourge -Metallic colors have been almost eliminated, especially by Nike refusing to make metallic football pants -Elaborate primary logos have gone by the wayside in favor of simple icons that can be easily recognized on an app icon or social media profile picture. - Soccer teams (Barca with hoops/checkers/Ajax model, Inter with pinstripes, Juve with halves) switching their shirt models to shock the world for a year, get those shirt sales from non fans who wanted something different, only to go back to a more classic look the next year to get the shirt sales of people who rightly never want teams to switch their established look - The ever increasing ad creep. NBA went from 0 logos of companies to 2, MLB switched theirs to the front, EPL added sleeve sponsorships, Serie A added back and sleeve sponsorship. Everything is now something like the Toyota Triple Play or the Verizon Two minute warning. -The proliferation of alternates and the abandonment of having a consistent look over selling a few jerseys. Mother’s Day and Memorial Day and Little League uniforms in baseball, Color Rush, City uniforms, Parley for the Oceans. Just give me primaries and at most two other uniforms that fit with what you are m. - Everything is now a ‘system’ or some other buzzword to push the brands identity, hot color of the moment and templates over the teams. -Nikespeak and overwrought logo explanations -One helmet rule in the NFL, coupled with the NFL relaxing it’s stance on variations of the primary helmet. I’d rather see teams with different helmets for throwbacks than see teams change up their facemask for a week on their regular uniforms -Modernizations of past looks is generally good, but now I dread almost any change to any average or above look knowing that in case they get it wrong there will be no going back wholesale to the old look but some bells and whistles will need to be added to update it even if it was perfect The Mixed -Uniforms have gone mainstream. What used to be an extremely niche interest is now something that every big social media account looks for opinions of, usually with fire emojis and the like. Most people are idiots and none seem to understand brand consistency or have appreciation for the history of a team. OTOH, it’s nice to not be looked at as a lunatic if you’re interested in uniforms - Some experimentation with different treatments of cap logos and helmets. Matte and chrome were fine for some but many went overboard .