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  1. They didn't want it to conflict with Lebron's new school.
  2. Curry on a Nike shirt?
  3. not sure if this was discussed but looks like there will be a tonal swoosh on the headband.
  4. Idk locals didn't have a problem with it back then but then again warriors are winning now and more importantly in Oakland. so i guess it could be some sort of backlash if the brought back.
  5. anyone know how to achieve this lava effect
  6. Does anyone know how to replicate this splatter effect? I'm trying to get it to look exactly like the first picture.
  7. font for "Big Sean" ? they used the same font for Jordan 7's
  8. take a look at the first few posts. there is a tutorial as to how to make the file. should take 5 mins max great tutorial any chance ur doing more? ive always wondered on how to do a Championship ring
  9. hi, new to this board are these files still available to dl? cant seem to find them
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