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  1. These are cool. You could sell shirts with these designs easily.
  2. Massive upgrade for Jupiter! They need it too, with the rest of their league overall being pretty sharp and modern. I agree with @JMtexan09, The second one for Austin is nice. Something about the star-eye seems off though... Maybe it's how straight it is compared to the rest of the set?
  3. Not that Prairie Wolves is a bad name, it just doesn't work for Tucson. Desert Wolves could work, but honestly, wolves are not around here. Even Mexican Gray Wolves. Here's their range in AZ: That's about 200 miles from Tucson. I think the best way to adapt this identity to make it relevant would be to change it to Desert Dogs, since we do have plenty of coyotes in city limits, along with 2 types of foxes on the outskirts of town.
  4. Prairie Wolves would not work at all in Tucson, fyi. It's not a prairie here and we don't have wolves.
  5. I think the white could actually be an asset if you also use it in the eyes. Right now the eyes are really hard to distinguish. You could add a little white to literally be the whites of the eyes, and maybe a shine in the pupil, and that would make them stand out. Lots of improvement though. I agree with @Rambulance that it'd be smart to mimic the shape of the eyes and whiskers in the ears. I did my own 'wildcat' logo a few years back, and this is how I went with it, just as a reference:
  6. This is so cute! I think the biggest thing for me is that the colors and shapes of the pup's head make it kind of blur together with the background... I know you can't do anything for the tones, but maybe you can add some sand to the eye area? I think the eye and some of the details around the neck are too small, so they get lost. It's also kind of like that with the very small fur tufts on the back. I'd either enlarge the details or cut some of them. So adorble, though! I like that the little coyote definitely feels like a pup, and not just a small coyote.
  7. The thing about this one that really isn't working for me is the whiskers. They bring the whole logo sagging down. I think you should thin them out and make them straighter. Look at how the whiskers are positioned on your reference image. Actually, I wanted to write a bit about the eyes too, but I found it easier to redline. I redlined it using the reference image you provided! Let me know if this is not clear.
  8. The details inside the elephant's head are much too small. same with the distinction between the tail and hind leg. The type is also really static and doesn't create any real interest. I do like your choice of mascot though... maybe you should change the primary logo to just focus on the head.
  9. *She And I agree! I like moving the school name to the top, because it makes it seem a little bit more like the bat is hanging on to something.
  10. I reaaaally like both of these. I think what really sends them home is that they look youthful. Especially the tiger. I really like it when a HS logo has a bit more of a playful, adolescent vibe. I'm digging the tiger's sneer so hard.
  11. I think it's really funny that you could read the RIVERBATS wordmark as RAVERBATS, with how that part of the bat is sort of triangle shaped, haha! I love the roundel logo, I think it excels. I think it could be cool to work in some river imagery, but it isn't really necessary.