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    I love old, classic/vintage logos. I love franchises like the Yankees, Celtics and Browns who keep the same basic style of uniform for years.

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  1. So what you are saying is... assuming Colorado bolts for the PAC-10 (11), the 2 most likely contenders for the Big XII to reestablish at 12 teams would be Colorado State and Utah State. Anyone else have thoughts on this scenario?
  2. Rewinding a bit when the whole Conference Realignment started, let me lay out a scenario: Nebraska joins the Big Ten, bringing the Big Ten to 12 teams and the Big XII to 11 teams.The PAC-10 extends invites to Colorado and Utah.Utah accepts, bringing the PAC-10 to 11 teams.Colorado remains loyal to the Big XII, remaining at 11 teams.The Big XII does NOT invite West Virginia, in favor of regional expansion/loyalty.What would be the most likely scenario concerning Utah State, Colorado State, and Brigham Young? Would Utah push the PAC-10 (11) to add Utah State?Would Colorado push the Big XII (11) to add Colorado State?Would the PAC-10 be more interested in adding a "national" brand like Brigham Young?Would Brigham Young entertain the PAC-10 if the Big XII doesn't come calling?Would the Big XII prefer to expand into a different state/territory and add Utah State or Brigham Young?Would the PAC-10 prefer to expand into different state/terriroty and add Colorado State?Are there 2 other Universities that would be more likely to bring the PAC-10 (11) to 12 teams and the Big XII (11) back to 12 teams?
  3. This is probably the worst cliche in all of sports. Its a competition. Competitions don't end in ties. Even if its 1200 minutes. Do baseball teams not deserve to win after 12 innings? Should they just end in a tie? At least a tie can be justified in baseball because its 1 of 162. When you only play 16 football games, there should ALWAYS be a winner and a loser. No excuses.
  4. Looking for the Ohio State Buckeyes Pro Combat/Rivalry uniform numbers/font:
  5. Ya know... In modern America, I feel like we hear/read something every day that is dumber than the previous day.
  6. Wow, that is fantastic. Thanks so much. Thanks! On my Imgur account I've made NFL Throwbacks http://imgur.com/a/X027Y#0, CFL http://imgur.com/a/1e049#0, and college football concepts http://imgur.com/a/YgOgS#0 it looks amazing...i was just wondering what u suggest for getting the best jersey colors...standard color overlay doesent look too good for me...am i just missing something? I use overlay, but make sure to make the color you use for the overlay brighter than the actual color. damn, i wish u had some pants in that template too....that would be it then If I can find a flat image of them I'll add it Updated template https://www.mediafire.com/?w46ga81unuxcc84 Man I wish Photoshop Elements was capable of using this template. I have no idea how to convert that. sorry. Do you guys have an image of what the template looks like and what format its in? Its possible to convert to PSD.
  7. This... is not an attempt. ...its a slaying (slay means good). Nice job.
  8. Anyone have a good basketball uniform template? Possibly the Nike hyper elite uniform with socks, shoes, and shooting sleeve?
  9. Personally, I thought this was the third best option behind keeping the Aeros... or changing it to Gum Dippers.
  10. Anyone have a version of the Nike Pro Combat football "logo" gloves?
  11. I was wondering if someone could help me out with a conversion. Illustrator has the option to convert files with the layers to photoshop. The process is as follows: Open the file in Illustrator, File > Export and change the file extension to .PSD. Here is a link for reference: http://vectips.com/tips/export-illustrator-files-to-photoshop/ Here is the link to the template: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/94882-nike-hypercool-football-template-release/#entry2078487 mattwillcox has already given me permission to get it converted. The version of photoshop I am using it CS3.
  12. Has anyone tried downloading this file from the third link? I was having trouble.
  13. Flat... NOT the player. I have real life player templates from TheOneAndOnlyMAu.
  14. I am looking for someone to convert this template to photoshop. The ONLY aspects that would need conversion are the jersey (front and back), pants (front and side), and socks. The sleeve pattern, player, and helmets do NOT need conversion. http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/94577-tar-heels-football-concept/?hl=%2Bnfl+%2Bredesign
  15. Nom nom nom! Someone please convert to .psd! Great job.
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