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  1. I guess I'm somewhat of a traditionalist, and at first sight they sort of made me pause and think, but the more I look them over, the more I accepted them. These are tasteful, more tasteful than the actual unis Nike puts out for the NCAA. Did I just notice the Declaration of Independence in the Eagles' sleeve? That's a keen move!
  2. Awesome work! Like how you put the participating years in each banner. Nice touch.
  3. Have to say that this is my favorite so far. Nice job with the Indian motif on the striping.
  4. I have to admit, this is pretty cool. Kudos to Chawls for suggesting the K&B concept. Being a fellow native New Orleanian the city cringed when Rite Aid took them over. This would be a fun concept to do for my comp football game as well. And who knows? With the way corporations are taking over things, could we be seeing a glimpse of the NFL circa 2050?
  5. You're right. I didn't catch the pattern at first. I guess the pattern is not as prominent as say the Tennessee checkerboard or the Tiger stripes and the Gator scales. I take back my comment then.
  6. Don't know what you meant by the LSU stripes not working, they do in fact work. If I have to pick a favorite it's Miss. St. and South Carolina. Like you said at the outset, lots of tradition here and not much you could do. The only change I'd try is a couple years ago 'Bama went with the hound's tooth pattern within the collar. I'd personally like to see it permanent.
  7. I too think it's about time the Cuse go with an orange primary. The horns on the USF pants are awesome also. My favorite of this group is Pitt. One thing I appreciate in your work are the times you go back a bit in uniform history and in that one you went back to the style of that era (Marino's) without going back to that shade of gold. Well-played. My only gripe is the Rutgers "R". I know its the in the script, but I don't think it's helmet-worthy.
  8. Again another great set of unis. I actually do like La. Tech, not so much the stripes but the white helmet makes it for me. No weak one out the group, and my favorites are NM State and Utah State. Also, going back to the NFL redesign, you mentioned that each player that was represented did have a common theme, but you didn't let us in on it. I was going to say that all the names had two letters in a row somewhere (i.e. Peppers, Torry, but I can't remember where I lost that train of thought. Then I thought it was players who played in the ACC, but that wasn't it either. So what was it exactly?
  9. dgnmrwrw, you know I love your work and I'm glad to see another set from you. I'm one who hopes you'll do other conferences as well. Good job as always. If I have to pick a favorite though it's Maryland. My least favorite is Clemson (not that that's a bad thing) my only critique is adding a purple jersey to the Clemson collection.
  10. Why do you do this to me, man! Seriously all these are good, but I'm one of those purists I guess who always had a liking for the original powder blues with the white helmets. So I'll vote for new home 1 and new road alt. But I wouldn't throw away the others. Out of those the blue helmet with the white bolt looks better to me. Thanks though for listening to everyone's comments.
  11. Glad to see the project completed no thanks to the bandwidth mumbo jumbo. As for the AFC West: I can live with the Chargers' blue helmets but I would like to see a set with the white helmet. The shoulder stripe on the Raiders seem out of place. I guess the fact they haven't change their look in forever, any change would seem like a minor shock. The Broncos and Chiefs look good as they are. Overall I love the whole thing. I do kinda wish you hadn't changed the Buccaneers helmets. I just really took to the original set of colors with the new branding, though I do like how you tweaked the pants striping. I hope you decide to do a redesign on other football leagues (CFL, UFL) or the NCAA because I think you have a good thing going.
  12. Any chance the series will be completed?
  13. I echo the comments of dgnmrwrw. I applaud the way you're taking the comments in a positive way to better the final product and not afraid to make changes for the good. Keep at it.
  14. My comments are beginning to sound like a broken record but here it goes: Arizona - like the change to the red helmet and the striping. St. Louis - as in other uniforms the "throwback" to the horned sleeves is tastefully done. San Francisco - you couldn't really do anything different with them. The model doesn't really leave any room for taking a chance, so I understand why you took a step back in a way. Seattle - my personal favorite. The lighter shade of blue works for me. Another good job, 7 down - one to go. Can't wait.