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  1. Here is a quick concept for the new las vegas team. rumor has it they'll be the black knights?
  2. Please, Please, Please complete the whole league!!! xxxx22222222 But i noticed you didn't include the sharks in your compilation on the page before this one. redoing it?
  3. Solid! Way better and definitely doesn't look "stolen" like the real one does from the kings. BTW that jersey was fake on ebay?!
  4. Agreed. AWESOME. Quality work. Just totally fits the soccer world and not the hockey world!
  5. I'm working on that... right now its his hair... but it hink i need to make it all white. Yeah... going to look up hand studies and try to figure out how I can get better at that...
  6. Update - here is what it would look like with yellow. Again, it's no where near being done... but just another update.
  7. Yeah the hands are no where close to being done... I just needed help - especially on those... Any guidance?
  8. Thanks for your compliments! I thought about that... And I love the addition of yellow... But your reasoning... Taking a "maple leafs" copy and adding yellow would be making a St. Louis blues, preds and Sabres copy...... I would have to find a happy medium between the black/blue/white and black/blue/yellow/white
  9. Next phase - again this is EARLY and no where close to being done. His hand ... is just not right so I will work on that and I need to start his other hand... but here it is :
  10. I'm sorry. I really don't like to bring things to this board that aren't in a "close to being complete" state and this is no where close. It is his arm ... well half of it. I think that's his other arm but without a hand. yes. It ends with the beginning of the fore arm. I, again, don't like to bring uncomplete work here but I just needed some guidance. Yes - I really don't like to bring uncomplete work to this board - but I really needed guidance. I will work on hands asap. Thank you. I'm glad you like it in this early of a state... Wow. You are exactly right - thank you for this idea. I'm all about "balance" and harmonious designs. I think you are right. What do you think about it going horizontal ... and kind of behind the head? ... I'll have to reposition the eyes. This is something I'm going to have to "see" in order to "see" if I like it. I did this because I wanted "force" Thanks for the last compliment. I really want to perfect this. Someone else close to me said the same thing... but I looked at the current identity of the lightning... and it has none. And I don't think it needs one... I might make the stick a bolt - but this is the fundamental direction i want to go in. Thanks for the reply! and i'll have to play around with it a bit.
  11. I never bring something this early... But I just need help.. I need your help. How can I perfect this? - note: - This is REALLY early. - I haven't done the hands / finish the arms. It's part of my nhl series I'm working on.... I just need help in making a finish product. I
  12. Thanks for the positive feedback - I hope you take a look at my updated images. My first thought was, "robot." I also don't understand the shape of the crown of the hat. Why does it slope down in the back like it was a fire helmet? Yes, the fire helmet look really bugged me now that you pointed it out. I hope my next rendition shows this fixed. Thank you for pointing that out. thanks Thank you for your comments and what areas to look like. I still want to achieve a "tough" look... Updated: