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    Tried to keep the classic look but add a touch of modernization the end of the stripe is soposed to flow right into the sock C&C
  2. yea i no these are a little sloppy, like i said they were done in paint. Its not that easy to do things in paint seeing as the mouse isnt the most steadyest thing to use, and who cares if i used the same template, just because some one else did somthing like this means i cant, who cares if he did it first, there are probly dozens of people on this site that have also done somthing like this and just havnt posted it. its not a big deal get over it. if u think yu can do so much better in paint then do it who. i could care less how good they look itsnot like im sending them in for anything. i made them just to give you an idea of what they could look like. nothing can be perfect.
  3. these were done in paint so they dont look the best but u get the idea of how they are soposed to look
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    denver broncos

    tell me what you think
  5. went back with the green helmet tried somthing different with the pants
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    Nd football

    i just tried to get the green and blue in to one uniform just an idea so tell what you think
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    first concept

    The blues maybe a little off but you get the idea and i also went with a white helmet with a red buffalo
  8. as a jets fan i like them but i would like to see a third color, mabey a black or goldish color