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  1. I agree with this as well. Put it in place of the sponsor. Where should I add the Powder Blue to? It's on the face mask and an outline on the numbers, but where else? I would say the collar and sleeve.
  2. That one looks super sharp and simple
  3. Looking forward to this
  4. Option 1 for sure, and yes remove those double points. When this is done, please submit to Cardinal Mooney HS in Youngstown, Ohio. We just use the old AZ Cardinals logo.
  5. Kind of like the white now to be honest
  6. Also, the Bucknell alt helmet with the horns would work very well. Looks old school!
  7. Coming in a little late on this. BC is my favorite so far Bryant looks simple and sharp For changes, I liked the original stripes on Pine Bluff Cant wait for YSU
  8. Wasn't he a punter or a kicker? (haven't done a search yet) He was a linebacker for the Steelers. Wilhelm played for the chargers the most. The Ohio State
  9. That facemask ruins the whole look for me. Their best helmet is to the left of the green one. I would have liked this if the facemask was Orange
  10. Air force jersey is amazing! That blue pops out of the black
  11. I am trying to do some jersey changes for my sim league team. Cowboys and Bills style is pretty easy to do with my skills. Trying to see if any of my current guys have uniforms already the same. Any more colleges?
  12. I think some high schools are but not any D 1 schools.darn, OK, do any schools have Dallas Cowboys or Buffalo Bills style with the two stripes on the side?