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  1. Everybody do the BUMPty BUMP. Just to let you know, those requests will be filled out. I just need some time. I'm a high school student, so as you can imagine, I don't have a LOT of free time. They'll be up sometime this week. =D
  2. Thanks! I'm taking requests, by the way.
  3. Dude, this is sick! Can I get Chris Allen or Raymar Morgan (Both from Michigan State)for XBox? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey, so this is my first attempt at a sig design. Here are some samples I did. I know, it's in MS Paint. But, I think they look simple, yet elegant. Plus, I tried to use shades of white and black to match up with the primary and secondary colors of each team. So, tell me what you think and if you want any requests, please feel free to post! -RedCedar
  5. Wow, this is very well done! I love the addition of the blue that you incorporated. But the rocket ship kind of looks iffy to me in both logos. I like that you were going for it, but it looks like a shadow of the Space Needle to me. Maybe a little tweaking there? But other than that, this is great! Very well done, sir!
  6. Wow. NO ONE saw THIS coming! XD
  7. Wow, this is amazing! It has intimidation and fear written all over it. So if the Raiders somehow take this logo, they might, and I say might, make a comeback. Great job!