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  1. i like the idea of having blood in this logo, but somehting doesn't feel right with the shape of it.
  2. great work. i really like it. @sergej he was so scary, that they only managed to do a rasputin themed porn flick.
  3. first, i didn't have a problem with the character being bold. but on the second thought, isn't the image bold man with an athletic mascular body not very often associated with mr. clean? at least in germany they will pretty soon get the nickname mr.cleans. which kind of could go against the idea of a unique brand.
  4. this is way better than their current logo. the bear head looks like a dog anyway. i'm not sure about the bellybutton here, though. i saw your other proposals somewhere on the board. ak bars was definately wrong sticking to their old logo instead of using your work. the khl may try to compete with the nhl regarding salaries and talent, but as far as it goes for logos, most of them don't hold up to the promise of being a premium sports brand. well, at least in my opinion.
  5. great work. however, i would stick to the preivous colour scheme. to me, it's seems to be more unique.