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  1. I can't find a picture but NCAA Football 09 had the Iowa home jerseys with yellow numbers instead of white.
  2. Don't forget this past year's Xmas jersey.
  3. No rush on these but could I possibly have: Vikings home purple #5 Brewers gold alt #27 Timberwolves away blue #22 Wild alt green Michigan football home #16 Michigan basketball maize #3 Thanks!
  4. Name: K. Baker Number: 19 Jerseys: Vikings (home purple), Brewers (alt navy), Wild (home red), Michigan football (home blue), Timberwolves (away blue), Michigan basketball (maize) These are sweet, no rush on mine!
  5. Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha football
  6. WHY.... The wordmark has serifs, why have sans-serif numbers... SMH... Adidas' design decisions are only getting worse. First getting rid of the "BuckS" wordmark and now this. One of the better sets in the league has been officially ruined. For some reason, whenever you try to make a custom jersey for the Bucks on NBA.com, they use the old number font on the new jerseys.
  7. Thank you for bringing back the green to the Wolves, but I would lighten the blue and darken the green.
  8. 1. McElroy19 - Lone Star Bowl 2. BlackBolt3 - Lone Star Bowl 3. BrandMooreArt - Paradise Bowl
  9. Late to the party, but I'm liking the wordmark for my Wolverines! Can't wait to see more.
  10. I would change the logo on the Hawks home and away. The hawk's talons look strange without the basketball there. Maybe just use the hawk head for all three.
  11. What a clever logo. I really, really like it. I agree on making the outline a different color than gray, but otherwise this is great.
  12. I would love to see my alma mater be redone. Waterford Union High School in Waterford, WI. Colors are forest green and white, with black as an accent color. Mascot is the Wolverines. This is the current logo. ^
  13. kbaker19

    SG89's NFL Refresh

    I'd lose the Bronco logo on the sleeves. I personally think it's a bit redundant to have the same logo on the helmet and the sleeves. I like the white stripe in the middle better as well.