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  1. I can't find a picture but NCAA Football 09 had the Iowa home jerseys with yellow numbers instead of white.
  2. WHY.... The wordmark has serifs, why have sans-serif numbers... SMH... Adidas' design decisions are only getting worse. First getting rid of the "BuckS" wordmark and now this. One of the better sets in the league has been officially ruined. For some reason, whenever you try to make a custom jersey for the Bucks on NBA.com, they use the old number font on the new jerseys.
  3. Thank you for bringing back the green to the Wolves, but I would lighten the blue and darken the green.
  4. Sadly, it was the best photo I could find. Awesome work again. Thanks!
  5. Any chance you could do something with this logo from my high school? If not, I get it. Thanks.
  6. Thoughts and prayers go out to you Ren. Though tragic, it is a great thing to see the other members of the board show so much support to a fellow member.
  7. Wow that is awesome. Thank you so much!
  8. Was this my request? Regardless, all I see with this one is
  9. Any chance you could do this one for me? Thanks.
  10. Two more excellent updates ren. Any chance you could try the Kansas logo I posted a few pages back?
  11. wow, that's awesome ... would love to buy a Michigan t-shirt with that logo on it Send that to Ann Arbor. Just awesome.
  12. That's a nice logo as is. I might make the sweater yellow to match the school colors, but that was a good old school logo from the jump That's what I was thinking, update it with some yellow and maybe a different set of lettering. Here's one I think that could be done:
  13. This thread is unreal. Simply amazing. Anyway you can do this old UW-Milwaukee logo?
  14. It's probably a version of the logo they only use for paint recreations, as the official would be very hard to paint on a field. I'm sure it would, but couldn't they just get a giant stencil and fill it in accordingly? EDIT: On second thought, perhaps not. I guess I never really noticed all the small details there.
  15. I noticed this last night watching the game. It bothers me that this: is Florida State's logo, but this: is the logo at the 50. The site doesn't even list the 50-yard line logo as an official logo.
  16. I don't think this is unpopular. As a Brewers fan, I LOVE the gold, and know a lot of other Brewers fans do too.
  17. We actually drafted and developed him before trading him to Texas. I think he was a part of the Carlos Lee deal. Half of your statement is correct. Cruz was actually part of the Mets and A's systems before joining Milwaukee. But you are right that he was part of the trade that sent Carlos Lee to Texas.
  18. I hate that the Seahawks TV numbers aren't outlined like the front/back jersey numbers.
  19. ...I know right... And one day working at the Sabres Store, I noticed all our Vanek shirts that recently came in all had slug numbers on them. People still bought them. Something more related to the Sabres logo. I can't stand the outlines on the buffalo, the sabres, and the motion lines, and all over the bounding circle. Unnecessary, and muddies up a great logo. it should be a total throw back to this. Going one step further, I don't like the "motion lines" in the logo. I just don't see it.
  20. Sorry for the large image, but the inconsistency of the striping on the new Vikings uniforms bothers me. The purple jersey and pants are good, with the white-purple-yellow striping. However, the white jersey and pants are purple-white-yellow and purple-yellow-purple respectively.
  21. Never thought I'd see my alma mater's biggest rival on this website...
  22. I know this has nothing to do with sports logos, but the logo campus radio station at my school (Winona State University) has a detail that always bugs the out of me. The line in middle of the Q isn't outlined! (Also, I personally am not a fan of the logo at all, but oh well.)
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