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  1. You should use .png instead of .jpg for these images. Cuts down on the fuzziness.
  2. I actually like the thinned down strokes. Although, I might change my mind once I see how it looks once the full kit is unveiled as the smaller scale might make the outline nearly invisible. I think maybe making the outline 1.5x or 2x thickness of the seams could work. I think too thick of lines could lead to a bit of a cluttered look where it's hard to distinguish what is a design element and what is an outline or seam. Long sleeves would be my only request for the keeper kits. Loving where it is headed. P.S. This will seem really weird, but you're the reason I'm pursuing a degree in geography. Seeing that you were studying geography in one of your bios a few years back opened my eyes to pursuing a degree in it. Seems weird, but it was just some weird tidbit that stuck with me and ultimately affected my life path.
  3. I've always felt that this Bobcats set was far superior to the jumbled Mavs-esque mess they switched to. Aside from the strange collars they used, I dig everything about this set.
  4. It's not as harsh in person, but it's still awful. The maroon also looks really off from the old floor, especially compared to the seating. Probably due in part to the new LED lighting that got installed over the summer. They also wore these a few weeks ago.
  5. Happy to see this back. Gives me something to look forward to. Luckily the Bears are wearing their traditional navy jerseys when the Packers come to town (please god don't let them wear navy pants).
  6. Not sure if this should go here, but I found this picture too awesome not to share. I love the color balance of the league as a whole at this time (1961).
  7. Responding in three separate posts doesn't make your points more valid FYI. I think you two should just agree to disagree, you obviously perceive striping differently.
  8. This is awesome. You got me to download my free trial of PS to try and convert this to svg. I'll see what I can do. Amazing work.
  9. I think you should try to step out of the box a little bit more on some of these. All of the SEC so far has been exactly what teams are already wearing with very little modifications. If you are going through the effort of creating a concept, why not come up with something original instead of recreating something that people have already seen. I think that if you stepped a little more out of your comfort zone and put your own twist on some of these, you would get more feedback and, in turn, it will help you grow as a designer.
  10. Here's an explanation of the monstrosities from the designer himself.
  11. Love the idea, and it looks great for the most part. Version 3 is definitely the best, the other versions seem a bit over-the-top. My only critiques are: -Flip the colors on the wordmark, and number. They should be solid white. -Remove the number from the shorts, it's unnecessary. -Make the collar solid white. The collar you used doesn't mesh well with the design.
  12. In the latest episode of 99% Invisible, Tom Geismar is interviewed. He had some interesting insights into his design process and how some of the logos he designed were created. Check it out here.
  13. I love the color scheme The striping is good, and balances the colors nicely. Great job.
  14. I also agree with adding another color to the league logo and also adding some blue to the red clash uniform. Can't wait to see the rest, this is really polished. Well done.
  15. My only suggestion would be to have Atlanta on the chest of the away jersey. I actually like the name under the number, it would be too cramped with the new shoulder cut of the jersey if it was above the number. Great job.
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