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  1. If Tulane had a competitive football program, students would go to the games. Tulane's strenuous academic standards aren't keeping them out of the Dome. It isn't even a top 50 school. The only justification for tearing down Gormley would be to get rid of the track and move the seats closer to the field. I don't think Tulane wants to pay to start from scratch. That is why Gormley is their best option. You know the stadium they are in is too big when they play LSU and still can't sell the game out.
  2. Architecture? Never kept me from a game in Tiger Stadium. Better excuses: 11:00 am kickoff, Superdome, Tulane, it is on TV anyway.
  3. Tulane's best option is to renovate Gormley and play there. Tailgating is great in City Park. It is still a little ways from campus, but I am sure the neighborhood would embrace the team and fill up the stadium every Saturday. Once the stadium starts filling up every week, the students will want in. TU just needs to get out of the dome. The only benefit I could see is recruiting to play in that stadium, but it obviously isn't working.
  4. Comparing Tulane to those schools is a stretch to say the least. Rice, Vanderbilt, Northwestern and Duke are top 15 schools. U.S. News has Tulane ranked behind schools like Syracuse, Florida, Penn State, Texas, Washington, Illinois, Wisconsin, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, USC, North Carolina, Michigan, UCLA, Virginia, Cal and Notre Dame. Those schools don't have trouble recruiting enough to compete on a national level. Tulane's problem is lack of money. They have a terrible endowment because of a large out of state student body and alumni base. Football carries almost all athletic budgets, but Tulane sees nothing because they play off campus in an oversized indoor arena not condusive to college football/tailgating/etc. As a result, Tulane has horrible fan support and basically no major donors.
  5. Here are 2 of my favorite college baseball logos. These hat logos don't have any borders or anything to make it seem like more is going on than really is.
  6. I did it by hand/eye in Photoshop.
  7. I think the blocks of yellow are just a result of the ability of the stitching machines. Miss St has that logo where the right leg of the M connects with the left leg of the U and the S is intertwined in that connection. You can't really do that with an L and a U. Overlapping letters would make it difficult to read, I think. The goal was to bring the L lower and U higher to make the general dimensions more of a square rather than a vertical rectangle.
  8. Come down off your soap box BallWonk. LSU wasn't playing dress up. The jerseys are now being auctioned off with the proceeds going to various military support funds. Some of the jerseys will be shipped to troops overseas. Russell made a t-shirt version of the jersey and those were sold for $11 at the game with the proceeds going to the same charities. Military personnel were admitted for $4 (half price). I doubt San Diego wears those uniforms for the heck of it either.
  9. At least we finally won. 9th jersey of the year for the Tigers...
  10. Follow up to a previous thread...this is what LSU is working with this year. They have only worn the home whites so far (since they open with 19 straight home games).
  11. Vanderbilt's is the best. The school that should ditch its current look for the throwback is Ole Miss. Maybe Auburn too. Much better than what they have now with the oversized, oversized numbers.
  12. Thanks for the C&C. What differentiates a devil's fork from a trident?
  13. This is what they currently have... This is what I came up with. The fork is a derivitive of the fleur de lis. Natchitoches, LA was founded by the French in 1714 (first settlement in the LA Purchase). Natchitoches is in the bible belt, so NW ST chooses not to use any representation of a demon. The fork is about as far as it can go. I updated the purple too. ...C&C...
  14. Yeah I am pretty sure this is the first year LSU has had Russell. The jerseys they sell in the gift shop are exact replicas made by Nike, which is strange. Most college teams have at least 3 road uniforms because it is impractical for them to wash uniforms on the road (playing 3 games in 3 days). It is also a quick turnaround even at home from Friday nights to Saturday afternoons so most have at least 2 home uniforms. In regionals they can play 5 or 6 games in 3 days so variety becomes even more necessary. Schools like Stanford might have 2 sets of the same uniform, but most others elect to have them all different.