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  1. I really like this, it really cleans up their look. I would love if they wore this. Well done!!
  2. Cant believe I'm saying this, but I like option 2 the best. I would still use an orange jersey for the alt, but I'd keep the red logo on the helmet. I also think it could maybe use a little pewter. Maybe on the sword stripe (instead of the light grey/silver) and as a number outine. Basically using option 1 jersey with the white helmet and pants.
  3. You might not like them, but as a Lions fan living in Michigan I have yet to meet a Lions fan who doesnt like them. I personally love them. Not for every game, but its a nice change.
  4. All 3 of these are absolutely perfect! It's amazing how a few tweeks can make a uniform that much better. Also your presentation is excellent and I'm so pumped for the rest of the league!
  5. These are really nice! I really like the color scheme, its modern but the unis are not crazy. I think a shooting star on the helmet would be really cool, it would give it some movement. Also I wonder how the star logo would look if it was white when placed on a dark background, because when you look at the starts theyre (typically) white. Overall though I really like these and I'm looking forward to the rest!
  6. These are all spectacular so far! The only thing id like to see would be a logo/word mark sheet so we could get a better look at a few of these awesome logos!
  7. I actually like the blue script better, it pops more and has continuity with the rest of the set.
  8. As a Wings fan, these are...ok. I like the striping and the yoke. I like adding the "D" as a secondary logo. The moderized winged shell is good, would take me a while to get used to, but it's done really well. However I HATE the black. I dont think the Wings should ever use black. I like the cream, but only as the alternate jersey not the primary color. Honestly though these are done really well, even if I dont like some aspects of it. Well done
  9. Not a bad start, but your logos are getting lost on the helmets. Either the logo color (just when placed on the helmet) or the helmet color need to be changed. I also think you need some more white on both home jerseys. Try using white numbers instead of colored ones and add a white piping line between the yoke. Add TV numbers too. They really help make a uniform look complete and help with color balance at the same time. I would also change the sock color on almost all of the sets. IMO socks should almost never be the same color as the pants.
  10. Its awesome! Simple yet creative and unique, well done! BTW this series so far is awesome!
  11. I like #1 but it is kind of busy, id like it better if you moved the B on the sleeve.
  12. I really like the whole uniform set, its simple and classic which is the way I think the Dolphins should be. My only issue is with the logo. I also thought that stripe was its mouth lol and it looks flat. It doesnt really have any dimension, without adding another color though I'm not sure how you fix that. Overall nice work and I would prefer this to what they have. Side note, how did you get that look into madden? Is it a PC mod?
  13. This is really well done! I like the little bit of texture added to the letters, it makes the original look silly with the clean sharp lines clashing with the wavy outline. Nice work!
  14. The Mammoths are probably my favorite team so far! My only suggestion would be to add some sort of stripe on the pants, probably matching the helmet stripe. Other than that they look fantastic! Especially love the away set with all that orange and silver
  15. Stallions look pretty good. Major 49ers vibes, but thats ok. Not a huge fan of the empty sleeve caps, especially the white ones on the red jersey. Maybe try moving the numbers onto the sleeve? Maybe try making the caps gold on the home jersey? Idk. Also the collar should be red on the red jersey. With such a classic look different colored collars make it like kinda minor league to me. As for the ALT, if these are trying to be your version of the 49ers then I would get rid of the black and make a gold jersey with either white or red pants. Then they would have another pants option for the home and road set too. The black looks fine though if you want to have a black set. Also also, the map images are not working for me.
  16. Updates look much better! Bandits look good, only suggestion, add stripes to the grey helmet and/or add a red outline to the logo.
  17. Off to a good start so far, couple things. Stripes on the whalers helmet and pants need to be thicker, drop the fleur de lis under the numbers, add a large solid color stripe to Nords pants.
  18. CLE - classic and simple, just like they should be. SEA - I really like the new (old) green, but I personally miss the grey, not sure how youd work it in with the set youve created though. Love the asymmetrical stripes, goes really well with the logo. Dont know if I like it more than what they have now, but I still really like it. JAX - LOVE the lighter teal! Its beautiful. I like the 2nd version best with the white stripe on the black. This is about as good as the Jags can get IMO. Well done! Side note, you forgot the TV numbers on both SEA and JAX. Not a huge deal, but it does help with color balance.
  19. Definitely like the all red logo best. The update is really good. Switching the stripes looks way better, this whole set is so much better than what they have. Also I like the classic font better. Always bothers me when a team does a mostly classic look and then slaps some tacky font on there (looking at you Detroit)
  20. Haha cant win them all I guess. I actually really like the silver for the Cards. Its super classy and gives them a nice retro look. Id like to see the red jersey without stripes, but if one jersey is gonna have stripes it should be the away with a R/S/R pattern, same for the pants. If the stripes stay on the red then I think you should switch them so they go w/s/w, I think the silver gets lost being stuck between the red and white. Overall though its a nice clean look for a classic old school team. Well done!
  21. I also like the double blue the best. Dont forget the TV numbers, they really help complete the concept and help balance colors. Also I really like the consistent stripes throughout. Thats something that teams dont do enough and it drives me crazy, so thank you.
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