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  1. Man who would have though a color combo would habe people so triggered lol. Black and brown can work together, but I dont think they should ever touch. So the home set is basically fine, but the away set should have the sleeves fixed. They should be Bn, Y, BK, Y and same for the socks. On the Alt I would just remove the top most black stripe from the sleeves, socks and chest stripes and make the logo all black.
  2. Maine looks really good, the home is good and that alt is fantastic. The away looks a little bland, I think its because it lacks teal, not sure how to fix that with the NHL17 limitations though. Missouri is ok, it screams Wild though just because of the exact color pallet. The alt looks like something the Wild should be wearing lol. Not a huge fan of the cream away, I think its just to gold, try maybe using the Pens gold color. I think it would work better as an away color because its so much lighter
  3. This is a solid concept for the "untouchable" Habs. I dont really like the different different striping patter on the away, but so many teams do this that its fine. Its more of just a personal preference. Do the Redwings after the Rangers please. I'd love to see something crazy for them
  4. Lots of teams to respond too lol, I will try to be constructive for each team. BOS - Love the brown look, wish they would really use the brown its so underused in sports. Only gripe is not is that the Alt logo is not a bear paw, but i know youre working the NHL17 (and i know all to well the limitations of that lol). Overall great look CIN - I would change the pants, gloves and helmet to black on the home set, other than that looks good. CLE - I think the yellow should be the ALT and might change the jersey design for the yellow one too. The white right next to the yellow just gets muddy. DAL - Great look for them, would like to see the green a little darker. It looks a little too North Stars right now, and for me I feel like a darker green feels more Dallas. Also would try to get a little more black on the away set. HER - Only complaint is that again thats not a bear paw, other than that looks good LV - Needs a darker shade of gray, not enough contrast against the yellow/gold. LA - I really like the current Kings look, but would not be upset if they did this. Its a fun combo of all the Kings unis. MIL - One of the best looks here, even thought its kinda a BOS rip off lol, but thats not a bad thing. NO - Super clean look, only issue is the Alt logo...dont knights kill dragons? Just a thought. ND - Classic look, not a big fan of the different home and away jerseys, but thats just personal and i know a lot of teams do it so not really a big deal. ORL - only complaint is the socks, they dont really go with the set. Good look otherwise OTT - Great look, wish they would do something like this, love that logo. I think it just needs black glooves. PEN - Simple design, looks great, not much to say PHI - Like all the white on the home set PHX - Looks ok, seems like there is too much black. Hard to make them look good, wish they would just move them somewhere else lol SD - See CIN lol SEA - Really nice, great use of yellow TB - Nice throwback look, just needs white logo on the home set. WIN - Nice throwback, really like the red ALT just needs a white line around the blue yolk DEN - Amazing look! Definitely my favorite look. GEO - Good look, but that logo gets a little lost on the home set, Ok that looks like every team lol, hope this helps.
  5. Love all of these so far. Really like Indy, why they dont incorporate racing elements is beyond me. Also the Hawks look fantastic, black, red, and yellow is just an awesome color scheme and the asymmetry works great with those unis. I am a little scared for my Pistons.... I see A LOT of 90s throwbacks here.... please dont make me see them in that horrendous burgundy and teal again haha
  6. After looking at how amazing these all turned out to be, I think that the Habs officially have the greatest hockey uniforms ever lol. Personal favorite is probably Ottawa. Its really everything they should be. The 2D logo is far superior to the current one and the color balance is perfect. Amazing work on this whole series!!
  7. I found the NBA and NHL ones, Thanks!!! Now if anyone can find the NFL and MLB ones....
  8. Anyone know where i can find blank templates for each team of the major 4?
  9. I am looking for blank templates for all the teams in the major 4. I understand it might be kinda hard to find, but any help would be great. Thanks in advance. I forgot, I will be using them in Paint.Net
  10. I understand about baseball because of the different rules, but the NFL has moved teams to other conferences before (seattle) and it has added quite a few teams since the days of the AFL. I dont think they ever would go to East/West and I dont necessarily think they should, it was more of just a fun kinda thing ya know. If they were to move Jacksonville to LA in reality they should swith JAX and KC, but they wont, they will just have a dumb division that is spread across the country because too many people dont want to split up a "great rivalry" like KC and OAK.
  11. Since a lot of people (including myself) belive that the NFL will return to Los Angeles within the next five years, I thought it would be a good time to shake things up with the divisions. I personally feel that it will be Jacksonville that will relocate to LA, since they seem to struggle with attendance even when they are doing well. My idea to "shake things up" is to finnaly do away with the AFC/NFC format and move to an East/West format. These are the divisions I have made up (I'm open to division name ideas, this is just what I came up with quickly) EAST North Atlantic New England Patriots Buffalo Bills New York Giants New York Jets South Atlantic Miami Dolphins Tampa Bay Bucs Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers Mid-Atlantic Philidelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers Washington Redskins Baltimore Ravens Central Detroit Lions Cleveland Browns Cinncinati Bengals Indianapolis Colts WEST Pacific Oakland Raiders San Francsico 49ers San Diego Chargers Los Angeles (insert name, as long as its not Jaguars lol) Gulf New Orleans Saints Dallas Cowboys Houston Texans Tennesee Titans Mid-West Seattle Seahawks Minnesota Vikings Denver Broncos Arizona Cardinals Undicided(haha) Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears St. Louis Rams Kansas City Chiefs What do you guys think?
  12. I would really like to find a blank/white template of all the teams in the big four (NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB) I know I could use the fill tool in paint to try and make them white but it leaves an outline of the original color and its such a pain to get rid of ya know. Any help would be awesome! Thanks in advance guys!!
  13. Glad to see someone making good looking concepts. Its my pleasure to be a fan bro.

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