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  1. That logo on the bottom looks really nice. I really like that idea, I would run with it Same here, I'll get to work on this! We do games for the Sabres and Jr. Sabres so it would be fitting.
  2. I was originally planning on doing that, however the logo is going to be a patch on our jerseys and I was worried that would clash with the stripes on the jersey. We're commonly abbreviated to 'BHR' so I figured I would include it in the logo.
  3. I decided to ditch the blue and go with the black and orange. Any better? For the record, this is our "competition"
  4. I've been working on a patch/logo design for my hockey referee group here in Buffalo. I was hoping to get some opinions on it! Instead of going with the normal "referee" colors of black, orange, and white (those are already taken by another group) I decided to go with the Buffalo city colors, blue and white.
  5. I was hoping to get some opinions on my school's (Canisius College in Buffalo) new marketing campaign. I'm a member of the student senate, and we've been getting mostly negative reviews on it. The agency is 160over90 ( Some students opinions can be found in this student newspaper article This is a mailer that was sent to prospective students These are photos from a local shopping mall And this is a shot inside one of the buildings on campus
  6. At the RDO camp, I believe removing it was one of the most popular ideas. Shanahan said that they may test its removal further (along with the addition of the verification line) in the preseason.
  7. The current ice rink template isn't very accurate so I decided to make one. I've removed the trapezoid (under the assumption that it is removed for the upcoming season) and added the goal verification line. Plus a FNC concept
  8. I've also noticed the design appearing on the tiny 100 calorie Diet Coke cans
  9. I've been noticing Coca-Cola 16oz bottles with an enlarged logo on them. Diet Coke bottles also have the logo enlarged.
  10. I've got two plates to add. As of right now, Delawares has the most plain and also longest lasting plate in the nation. Its been around since the sixties and could really use a refresh. Washington DCs plate looks like it was hastily made using WordArt.
  11. I'd like to stick with the blue and yellow because those are New Yorks official colors but heres what shade of orange I think looks best. Its kind of a cross between "Empire Gold" and orange. Opinions? I'm considering turning this into a series.