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  1. Moseph

    Washington Wolves

    That snarling wolf logo is great! I'd love to see that on the helmet of your revised uniforms from 8/27. The only other thing I would personally change is to go with the traditional block number font. With those changes it would be a perfect set in my opinion.
  2. I'm a fan and I'm on board with the name Washington Football Team, just need to makes some changes to the helmet and it will be perfect! I don't think we'll get a new name now regardless of what fans say though.
  3. I'm a fan of this franchise and hope the Football Team becomes permanent, but they have to scrap the horrible helmets. Bring back the stripes and slap the W on the side and you'd have a perfect uniform!
  4. Yes but they also changed the name on the front of the chest to Washington
  5. It's too bad they had to ruin the helmet this year. It would've looked great if they had kept the stripes and gone with the 'W' on the sides rather than the stupid numbers.
  6. Honestly, when this whole name change thing came up this time, I would've been perfectly content if they would've just dropped Redskins and not replace it with another nickname, just be known as Washington like the media has been calling them anyways.
  7. I'm not surprised and I wouldn't expect you to. And yes I do know that just because I don't have any experience with it doesn't mean that it isn't hurtful to others. Obviously I need to do some research on the origin and meaning and refrain from anymore comments until I have done my due diligence.
  8. If that's what you asked to be called then sure, I would oblige. However, I would never call somebody that out of the blue. I may be naive to the meaning of the word and haven't done any research on it myself, but in my 30 years on this earth, I have never personally heard anyone use it as a racial slur or anything else for that matter other than to refer to the football team here in Washington. I know you have to take everything on the internet with a grain of salt and do your own research, but I've heard Redskin be called a racial slur by some, others say it came about from scalping, and I've also heard that its a term that originated as a self identifier by the Native Americans themselves so I'm not really sure what's true and what's not.
  9. I'm sorry for getting off topic, I was just curious about what the future may hold. I agree with you about glorification, but do you think it would be acceptable to continue using the logo without the team name in the HOF? I believe that could be used as an educational setting on the history of the league.
  10. I never said to keep the name Redskins, I was hoping to keep the imagery the same. I was just curious about what would happen in the HOF as you can't change what's happened in the past. It never occurred to me to just remove the Redskins name and only have it say Washington there. Would you be ok if they left the logos in use for the HOF and things of that nature?
  11. It was never part of the announcement, that spurred from me questioning what will happen in the HOF and people suggesting to get rid of all ties to the Redskins.
  12. Ok, if that's the case then why isn't there complete outrage over all other teams in sports that relate to Native Americans whetherit be through name or imagery?
  13. I understand that, but I can't think of anything that has been completely eradicated. Everyone knows what a swastika, the Confederate flag, or what the 'n' word is. While I do not condone any of those, like it or not they are a part of history and something we can all learn from. If we erase all of that from history books or museums, how are we going to learn from past mistakes and make sure they're not repeated in the future?
  14. I just want to be clear with everyone here, while I'm disappointed in the name change because it's all I've ever known, I do understand that some people find it offensive. What I'm actually upset about with this change is losing the brand of the team and not being able to find a way to honor Native Americans. Once the change is complete, to me they might as well just be an expansion team and I'm afraid of them getting a complete trash Nike overhaul which would result in the loss of another great classic look in the league. I get that I only have two options, to either stop following the team or just deal with the change, and I plan on doing the latter. Right about now I wish they had never moved away from the Braves name in 1933 or found something that would've appeased everyone a long time ago.
  15. Yeah, that's the consensus I've gotten from people around here and things I've read online. Personally, I don't really care if it stays as HTTR or becomes something else. To me it will always stand for Hail to the Redskins.