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  1. I love the alternate Washington design, just not the color. And Philly's uni set is very cool!
  2. The latest version of the Generals helmet is on point! Well done.
  3. I hear the name dealers and all I can think of is drug dealers.
  4. I love the new logo and the color scheme! I'd love to see a hat with just the ray on it. And I concur, you need a jersey with the word Tampa on it.
  5. I really dig the statement set. Very unique!
  6. The Bucs unis are awesome, but I'd rather see Benny The Buccaneer instead of the one incorporating the current helmet logo. Just personal preference.
  7. Blackhurt invokes The WVU Mountaineers while also being unique. Well done!
  8. This is a great start! The logo is a nice upgrade and I love the colors of the Blitz.
  9. Is that Commodore logo based on Perry the Platypus? My daughter loved that show.
  10. I love this idea! Maybe smaller schools that had to take away football can get teams again. I dig Boston's helmet, second Vermont set and Hofstra's whole getup! Let's see Lehigh and Lafayette in the Capitol, please!
  11. That new Pacific set is slick with the P on the helmet!!
  12. I am a big fan of both the Titans AND Pacific, but I'd love to see something on The Tigers helmet other than a word. Maybe just a P?
  13. I love it! Gives me a Spurs vibe, which as a Tottenham supporter, I appreciate.
  14. I love the color scheme!! Not a fan of the Guardians nickname, personally, but it could work.
  15. I, personally, am not a fan of that either. To me, team names need to roll off the tongue. Zeniths does not. Why not Highlanders? Similar idea to Zenith and used to be the Yankees nickname.
  16. Portland and San Diego are hits! Well done!
  17. The Sun Rays concept is on point! I prefer the first logo, though.
  18. This is a unique project! I like it. I'm really liking the Canadian helmet and uniform set. For Germany, I think WLD42's suggestion for the jersey, along with black pants, would be a killer look.
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