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  1. I'm looking forward to this! One comment on Jacksonville - the S logo on the hat could be confused with an L. I LOVE the Trash Pandas! Such a unique name and logo, but as a HUGE fan of the film, Rocketeers works too! Kudos!
  2. I absolutely love this series! And the DC for Denver was cool, perhaps as a secondary logo? I want to buy these hats.
  3. I absolutely love that secondary logo! Might be the best of the set.
  4. Wow, that's very detailed. Thank you for sharing! Can I ask, how do you determine the team's strengths on each side of the ball? Is that based on 2012 stats?
  5. What are you using to simulate the league and its games?
  6. I love the Buffalo concept so far. Can't wait to see what you cook up for Denver!
  7. This is wonderful! Not a Cleveland fan, but I think this is the perfect name for them, and this design fits them wonderfully.
  8. I love this set. Though the first set resembles the Seahawks colors. Keep the blue, make the other one more gold and this is epic.
  9. Oh wow! I love this! I'd love to see my Broncos bust this out.
  10. This is really great! The presentation is spot on!
  11. This whole series is epic. My only nitpick is the swoosh of purple on the Kings Reverse Retro. Looks off to me, but is by no means bad.
  12. I love this set! The blue jersey is cool. Nice change of pace.
  13. Thanks for doing Notre Dame! Could you do Broncos (Super Bowl), White Sox (World Series), Bulls (NBA Titles), Oilers (Stanley Cups) and Kansas (BBall Natl Titles)?