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  1. Chargers Throwbacks = more spankable moments this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. How can anybody put the Vikings in the top 5 after really looking at the record of the teams they played their opponents are a combined 7-17. They played the Browns 1-4 Lions 1-4 49ers 3-2 Packers 2-2 Rams 0-5 I think after this weekend if they handle the Ravens at home it will give more of an indicator that they deserve to be in the top 5.
  3. The ball itself does'nt even look like the lighter shade of brown that the Browns use to use. The ball has a red tint to it does'nt it. Anyone ever have this problem of not being able to see a player on the Browns carrying a ball with the older lighter shade of brown jersey?
  4. I thought I would enjoy the Denver look but after looking at it for an entire game I see why they burned the f'in things in the 60's.The socks are very distracting to look at for more than a few minutes in game. I hear we will see the White(road)version next week on Monday Night at SD in another AFL Legacy matchup with the Chargers in their Powder Blues.
  5. You know what guys I just convinced myself The 5 1.Colts- Changing of the guard at the top spot Colts were just so damn impressive 2.Giants- They did'nt do anything wrong it's just a feeling I think the Colts are better right now 3.Saints- Idle this week but they have looked so good the last 4 no reason for them to drop 4.Broncos- Anyone else on that how can you trade Culter bandwagon realize that McDaniels is building something there 5.Bengals- Sorry Vikings fans maybe next week
  6. Just a little info for ya. Jets opponents combined record 10-13 (not including Monday Nights game obviously) Vikings opponents combined record 7-17 (I think this says alot) Bengals opponents combined record 14-10( I think unless the Jets really show me something tomorrow night.....) Farve and the Vikings have been impressive in their wins no doubt and you can only play whose on the schedule however they have played the Browns 1-4,Lions 1-4,Rams 0-5,Packers 2-2(Won at home 30-23) and the 49ers 3-2(who were exposed today at home) The Bengals have had very tight games in every contest even the one they lost to the Broncos in fluke fashion. They have played the Broncos 5-0(lost 13-7 on one of the craziest receptions since that of the Immaculate kind) Packers 2-2(Won at GB 31-24),Steelers 3-2,Browns 1-4 and the Ravens 3-2. The Jets have played the Texans 2-3,Pats 3-2,Titans 0-5,Saints 5-0 and the Dolphins 1-3.
  7. NJ your 5 looks pretty good but I'm not sure about the order and what about the Bengals who dey? And admiral because I like the way The 5 sounds.
  8. I would like to take the time to give thanks to all who made this possible...Jergens and that beautiful Gold and Royal Blue Throwback Uni.