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  1. I actually feel bad for Joe Pa, I think that looking back on it he truly knows that what he did was wrong, and he wouldn't do it again. I also feel bad for the seniors who played 4 whole years there and now all they'll be remembered for is this.
  2. I know that these are both logos, but does anyone know of a font anywhere similar to either one of them? Mets home Mets road
  3. It's not me just saying, I'm not a criminal nor am I interested in this site enough to create another account to mess with you guys.
  4. Ok thanks man, sorry I had to write on your profile but I guess your inbox is full. Yeah, I'll get around to filling out an application soon.

  5. Hey man, I saw that you guys are taking applications to the NAHL. If you don't recall I applied to you guys back in February. Even though there is little chance of me being accepted, I just have a quick question: would Sacramento be an acceptable location for a team? I know that it is a North American league, so I'm just not sure. Also just to let you guys know I probably won't be a...

  6. I'll be back june 21st peace until then

  7. It's from Regular Show. Not to derail this thread here but is that show good? I always see you with stuff from it and some of it is pretty funny. My younger brother watches it, but from what I've heard a lot of adults like it.
  8. These were probably mentionedon here but I don't feel like looking. Nike Addias Under Armour
  9. Great now I need to somehow acquire a Umass pocket pro sized mini helmet. I have every D-1 school except Temple.
  10. What? What he means is the "Wild" script is actually a logo. Even though the lettering is custom made, it's not classified as a font. Still nothing on the font for this logo? Oh I see are there any fonts similar to that one?
  11. Then how was it not that bad? They were just really way too thick but if you looked from more than 10 feet away you really couldn't tell.
  12. You need to make a few normal posts before starting a topic so we know you're not a spammer.
  13. My friend actually bought a Jets jersey from somewhere like this, it wasnt that bad but the patch and the NOB were way off.
  14. Just a quick question, I've got a friend who really wants to join, but he cant make any posts or edit his profile because it says validating. Anyone know about this? Thanks for any help.
  15. What do you mean? Who is making the case for other programs? Yeah, I really don't understand what this is a response to... He's new here, I'm actually friends with him off the boards and I got him to join. He's a good guy so just give him some time to figure this out.
  16. Also, it'd be "Tejano" not "Texano" right? My 10th grade spanish education tells me youre correct.
  17. Agreed, if they were struggling in the league then they are in now then I would say it makes sense. But they are basically getting an automatic bid in the tourney every year. It wouldnt make any sense.
  18. It's pretty funny that the first ever time I saw film of an NFL game it was with the cowboys wearing those uniforms.
  19. I honestly like that logo more than their current one, I dont know why. To be honest I dont really love either one.
  20. +1 i hate the powder blue fad I have always liked that logo, and youre right I just dont like the powder blue
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