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  1. keenan allen wearing what looks like camo socks with his uniform set
  2. one of my favorite small arenas is a couple of miles outside of my home town of Jackson,MS in Clinton, MS. its home of the mississippi college choctaws a transitional d2 school. the arena that they play basketball in is called the ae wood coliseum and its really cool because of the structure of the arena
  3. as a baseball fan and as a state student, i like it, and with how successful our baseball team has been over the years i think its much needed to bring in more fans to the games and to campus
  4. looks like he doesnt like these uniforms lol
  5. i think the houston oilers uniforms are overrated. i mean dont get me wrong, i was born in the early 90s, and they hold a special part of football for me growing up and the logo is timeless, but just never liked the uniforms
  6. even though i go to a rival SEC school, i took the survey one thing i would like to see that ive seen a concept often of is a orange and white helmet with tiger stripes. other than that the look is by far a classic look
  7. i actually like the rockets pinstriped uniforms
  8. this cant be legit.....this looks like a practice jersey you would find for like a rec or a wnba team
  9. ive always watched the afl since it was on nbc. i really want the league to return to where it was before it folded. that shock storm game tonight was really good. BRING BACK THE CRUSH!!
  10. spurs sign ettore messina as an assistant coach. so the rumors were true and i very much approve of this move
  11. what a great world cup. im happy the us performed well and i hope we can improve and im soo happy that gemany won. glad to see klose end his wc career on a good note and im sad to see the world cup end on espn, they do a brilliant job with the coverage
  12. i think the nba is highly overrated. i mean i like i like the sort but dang whatelse espn is talking about for the last two days straight. i hate european soccer. the main disconnect i have with it is that its not our own, which is why i chose to watch the mls over bpl, ive always loved the mls and i enjoy it alot despite what people say, and we DONT need relegation, too many micromarket teams could make it in. mlb should cut the season down by a few games 154 would be ideal. i love baseball to death but i get fatigued watching it by time june rolls around. i like the dh rule alot, no pitcher should ever hit. most of the time they ground out or bunt anyway
  13. from what i read in the article imo it seems like he made his mind up some bit of time ago