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    Mississippi State, MS from Jackson, MS
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    Favorites--NFL(Patriots),MLB(Red Sox),NHL(San Jose Sharks), NBA(San Antonio Spurs), MLS(Sounders), International Soccer(AC Milan), German National Soccer Team, US Olympic Team
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    San Jose Sharks, 2011-12 Washington Wizards, Buffaslug(sadly), Dallas Desperadoes, Washington Capitals Alt, LA Angels font, New Charlotte Bobcats alt, Washington Nationals, Toronto Blue Jays, San Diego Chargers, New England Patriots

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  1. one of my favorite small arenas is a couple of miles outside of my home town of Jackson,MS in Clinton, MS. its home of the mississippi college choctaws a transitional d2 school. the arena that they play basketball in is called the ae wood coliseum and its really cool because of the structure of the arena
  2. i think the houston oilers uniforms are overrated. i mean dont get me wrong, i was born in the early 90s, and they hold a special part of football for me growing up and the logo is timeless, but just never liked the uniforms
  3. i actually like the rockets pinstriped uniforms
  4. its a very very cleaner and modern look, i like it alot but its similar to fs1. also the studio looks a smidge cavernous with two people, maybe its something ill get used to
  5. 1. san jose sharks repeated and i mean repeated playoff disappointments despite having a solid team and a great reg. season record 2. ray allen's shot in the finals last season. im a lifelong spurs fan and honestly it just made me sick to my stomach hearing all the bandwagon fans and espn ride the heat to no end 3. 18-1 4.pujols leaving the cardinals, im not a cards fan (red sox) but pujols is my favorite player, when he left to go to socal i felt a bit disappointed 5. mark mcguires steroid case. another cards 1st baseman i loved, this guy was my hero as a kid back in early elementary school, he was the reason i had played first base during my tee ball days, after the steroid saga unfolded, i lost all my respect for him 6. does the current miami heat era count?
  6. i think the current padres color scheme is the best one theyve had, they really fit a city located by the ocean
  7. helmet stripes extending down to the facemask like this and this
  8. i love the stormtrooper look and i do like the monochrome look too
  9. i love jersey piping on football unis, but done right
  10. the thing that bugs me about the new astros unis is how rediculous the names look on the back
  11. i have a problem with the texas rangers having drop shadows on their numbers, am i the only one who thinks that
  12. great thread, i like seeing all of the changes in the ticker graphics
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