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  1. Fire's crest doesn’t need to be changed. It needs to be tweaked. Looks to me there’s a little more gray than there needs to be.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks these particular shades of blue and green don’t look that great together? At least without a little white to separate them? I know it’s from the flag, but I feel like the blue could stand to be a little lighter. As for the crest, aside from Whittier's comment about the horses, I’m okay with everything else.
  3. Love the update to the Red Stars. It’s my belief that a good soccer crest should have some sort of talisman to rally around. You nailed that with the C-star.
  4. Kinda wish the Friar was the primary, but other than that, no complaints. Glad they’re willing to try out tan on the road again.
  5. Is it weird that I actually like some of the "postmodern" logos we've been getting? That Fosters thing looks like something I would come up with XD
  6. What if you took the tail off the wordmark? Maybe that would free up more space to make it more readable.
  7. Man, first the Brewers bring back the BiG, now this! Now we just need to get the Rockies to wear more purple.
  8. Made a quick mock-up of the new BiG
  9. Is burger flipping a sport? Lemme guess, only the games America invented would be real sports?
  10. That's cool. Then quit calling poker, chess, and Scrabble sports.
  11. BigRed618

    MLS 2022

    I miss the kidcore look SKC/Wizards used to have.
  12. If you’re gonna use a round shield, use a rounder trident too so the shapes go together better. Also why is the top border of the shield missing?
  13. Thanks for your input. I had some difficulty coming up with a better name for Maui United, until I tried simply translating "United" into Hawaiian! Would "Maui Ho'ohui" sound any better?
  14. So I heard Auburn is deciding against changing their logo. Not gonna lie, I’m annoyed at this. The changes were so minor, and they made so much sense from a design and marketing standpoint, and yet people stubbornly resisted the change and the school caved into their demands. I understand that it’s important to listen to their fans and give them what they want, but I just wonder if they even know why they didn’t want the new logo? Did they really not like it, or is this another case of people resisting change of any kind?
  15. What do YOU think of it? Do you think you did a good job? Can you see the Bucs actually wearing these?
  16. KAILUA-KONA ATHLETIC CLUB Located on Hawaii Island's western shore, KKAC takes inspiration from the area's famous coffee fields. I gave them a blue away kit because I felt the league didn’t have enough blue. HILO MAGMA FC For Magma, I went with something experimental with the crest. You would recognize the volcano, but probably not the weird raindrop-like shape of the crest. It’s based on Pele's tears, pieces of solidified lava that have been launched airborne by splashing, named after the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. That should do it for this series. Thanks to everyone for their support. Here’s a new team map with all the crests included...
  17. Before I show the last two teams, I thought I’d share with you my idea for HPL All-Star kits... An all-star game in the HPL would work similar to MLS. One single team of the best players the Aloha State has to offer vs. a random team from MLS, just to see how the HPLers stack up against a mainland team. The main kit is patterned after the Hawaiian state flag, and the change kit is based on the Kanaka Maoli flag, which represents Native Hawaiians.
  18. It is, and unfortunately I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It would be the equivalent to the Dutch Eredivisie deciding to put a team in Aruba. Technically Aruba is part of the Netherlands, but...
  19. Bingo! You got it. It’s a hibiscus made to resemble a soccer ball. The outer shape is taken from the state road signs. Here's a double update for Maui... KAMEHAMEHA SPORT CLUB I was originally planning to put this team on Molokai Island, but then I actually read up on the place and learned that it may not have the resources to support sports, so I moved KSC to Kahului on Maui. The Kings would be the league's white team, giving an air of superiority similar to that of LA Galaxy and Real Madrid. The red and gold are taken from the Sacred Sash of Līloa that Kamehameha wore. MAUI HO'OHUI A few miles away, in Puunene, is Maui Ho'ohui, KSC's rival. I just really wanted a pineapple-themed logo, but didn’t want to completely rip off the one Mark Crosby came up with for his recent A-League project. No idea where I got the shooting stars from either, but I thought it was a nice touch, enough so that I decorated their away kit with a bunch of them. The name Ho'ohui translates to "United" in Hawaiian. Thanks for your input. Big Island teams are next.
  20. NORTH SHORE SC North Shore refers to the northern coast of Oahu Island, widely popular as a destination for surfers, so I did my best to infuse that culture into the kits and crest. The team would be located in Haleiwa.
  21. Oh! Now I see what you’re doing. You’re just using the jersey styles, but making one team red and one blue.
  22. The Bobcats didn’t wear red. They wore orange.
  23. YAMATO FC A substantial part of the Hawaiian population is Asian, particularly Japanese. Honolulu's second team pays tribute to this group with its identity. The colors are blue and pink, blue for being Japan's color of choice for its national teams, and pink for cherry blossoms, which serve as the centerpiece of the crest.
  24. Thanks for the idea. I’ll try that when I get a chance. PEARL OF HONOLULU I came up with this team years ago, when I thought up expansion ideas for MLS. I was so proud of it, I left it mostly the same this time around, give or take a few tweaks. Same crest, same colors, even the same presenting sponsor.
  25. FC TAUA'I My first HPL team is located on Kaua'i, in the town of Kapaa. On this particular island, there exists a dialect of the Hawaiian language where all the K sounds are replaced with T's, which is why the Team is called Taua'i, and the town they play in would be called Tapaa in its local dialect. Each of the eight major islands of Hawai'i has its own theme color, and Kaua'i's is purple. The goose seen on the crest is the Nēnē, Hawai'i's state bird. That's about everything. I’ll do the Oahu teams next.