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  1. GEELONG CATS Early on when I was just learning about the AFL, I originally wanted to follow Geelong, purely because they were the first professional team I knew of that used the domestic cat as a mascot. Even now I have some admiration for GFC for their regular tribute to our favorite furry companions. The jumpers I designed were inspired by one of their earliest uniforms from the 1890s, where the hoops would become round towards the top to conform with the shape of the collar. Feedback appreciated. Suns are next.
  2. I see what you mean about the Bombers. I just used orange to convey a sense of speed and "heat," but I can understand how that may look out of place. I may try using black fading into red in a future edit. BLUES AND MAGPIES EDIT I used a solid blue version of my logo this time for Carlton, and brought back the sky blue that they experimented with in 2011-12. The Pies' away was a simple fix, swapping out their gold shorts in favor of white. FREMANTLE DOCKERS This one was tricky. In the beginning Freo had a jumper that was purple, green, red, and had a big white anchor on the front. Seemed outlandish, but apparently it was all supposed to be a reference to the port city, the green and red used to represent port and starboard, respectively. Again, outlandish, but fun, and quintessentially Fremantle. In 2011 the club decided to get a whole new look, with a new logo and new jumpers to boot. To this day, opinions on the new look are night and day. Some like the more professional, timeless tone, with its simplified color scheme of just purple and white, and its triple-vee design on the jumper, a reference to another footy team that played in Freo long ago. Others feel like something was lost when they did away with the anchor and the green/red, that the current look doesn’t have the soul and personality that the old one had. I can understand both sides of the argument, so for my concept, I try to meld together elements from both eras. The chevrons of Old Fremantle stay, but they’re infused with the port/starboard colors, same with the logo. So yeah, let me know what you think of the idea. Cats are next.
  3. ESSENDON BOMBERS For the Bombers I made a new crest, featuring a more stylized fighter jet ascending upward in line with the club's trademark red sash. I brought back the grey clash jumper, where the jet makes an appearance, with a orangish gradient underneath to suggest movement.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see what I can do about those last two. COLLINGWOOD MAGPIES For my adopted home team, I made a new logo with a more streamlined bird. Ever since the AFL began using clash jumpers, the Pies have for the most part went with something similar to their classic stripes, but more predominantly white. My concept clash is also mainly white, but also incorporates gold, a color currently used only as an accent color for their logo.
  5. CARLTON BLUES The Blues have a unique look in that they’re one of the few AFL teams that do incorporate their logo into their jumpers. Only changes I’ve made was some fixing of their logo, a revival of a relic from the 1920s. They came up with a new monogram in the late 50s, and started wearing that in the late 90s, but then dropped it in favor of their previous monogram last season. My concept logo maintains the overall shape of the old-school monogram while fixing some things I found annoying, some lettering being out of line, strange serifs that stick out every which way... This pic should explain what I mean... That should do it for these guys. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m doing these teams alphabetically. That means my Pies are up next!
  6. Glad to see you’re already enjoying it, and to tell the truth, the main reason I picked the Magpies was because FS1 seemed to favor them when deciding what games to televise, and the seemed to do pretty good every time I saw them in action anyway. BRISBANE LIONS The Lions have an interesting story, reflected in their uniforms. Formed in 1996 from a merger of two struggling clubs, the Brisbane Bears and Fitzroy FC aka the Lions, the Brisbane Lions' whole identity is seen to be a fusion of elements from Fitzroy and the Bears. Though they take the maroon color from the Bears, they will play in a uniform similar to their home colors but with red in place of maroon when playing in a Victorian stadium, to resemble the jumpers they wore as the Fitzroy Lions. Some controversy arose in the late 00s when the Brisbane decided they would get a new logo, along with a revamped lion on their jerseys. The new lion, nicknamed the "paddlepop lion," proved unpopular, and three years later was replaced with the old Fitzroy Lion, where it remains to this day. For my concept, I made an attempt to modernize the lion with a little more restraint, a combination of sorts of the old cat and the new. Here’s a closer look... That’s about everything. Let me know what you think.
  7. I knew about Aussie rules and the AFL for some time, but it wasn’t until last summer when I really started getting into it. During those months, my work schedule would require me to rise very early, around 4:30-5am, and the sports channels on TV would sometimes play KBO and AFL games. I came to like watching Aussie rules, and even have a favorite team, Collingwood. And now I decided to start a series of AFL concepts. I noticed there’s a distinct attitude surrounding the uniforms of the AFL. Though the teams have logos, they do not seem to take center stage in the jersey (or jumper, or guernsey, as I've heard them being called.) Rather, each club uses a distinct pattern and color combo to identify themselves, this pattern is usually established when the team is first founded, and any deviation from that pattern is regarded with strong dislike. In my series I hope to do my best to present decent, attractive, innovative concepts while respecting Australia's sporting culture. ADELAIDE CROWS First thing I did for the Crows is a new logo, something that references their colorful guernseys and something that has less resemblance to the NFL's Baltimore Ravens logo. Widened the hoops on the home jersey so there would be two of each color, and the clash shirt was designed to please those who prefer the Crows in white and those who like the yellow ones they’ve worn. That's about it for my first ever Aussie rules concept. Let me know how I did.
  8. That blue one with "CHICAGO" in diagonal would’ve made a sick alt
  9. It’s a step in the right direction. Maybe the league is realizing that standardizing the Super Bowl logo was a bad idea and is gradually going back to more personalized marks.
  10. Seems FIFA doesn’t like the idea of a "super league." They’re threatening to ban players who would play in the one proposed by UEFA from all international tournaments, like the World Cup and continental championships. If that’s how they feel about the European league, I guess the CAN/US/MEX super league isn’t gonna happen either. Wasn't there a rumor going on that MLS may split into two leagues? Or did I dream that?
  11. I’d say it’s an upgrade. You managed to simplify everything without sacrificing clarity, the new font for the wordmark is nice, the way everything meshes together is great.
  12. Is there supposed to not be a number on the fronts of these jerseys?
  13. Sorry, but I think they look better with the logos matching. "It’s what they’ve always done" isn’t a very good reason to continue using branding that doesn’t make sense. Take my own Cardinals as an example. I started following them in my early childhood in the early 90s. By then, they were 30 or so years into a branding that even though it looked okay and there was nothing glaringly wrong with it, it did use no less than 3 different drawings of a cardinal in the same set. (The primary, the Sluggerbird, and the jersey wordmark.) When they updated their brand in '97, most of us, myself included, agreed that it was an upgrade.
  14. I mean, what’s there to complain about? These jerseys look exactly like you would expect from something chosen by the masses, many of whom may not have a trained eye for what a good uniform is supposed to look like
  15. Here’s a no-frills idea I came up with when I heard that Impact would be changing their name. This one was inspired by the Canadian pavilion at Expo 67 If I think of other ideas, or if you have suggestions, I’ll post them here.
  16. So the current Fire wears navy blue at home, and this concept that was mistaken for the real deal has a light blue background, strongly implying that that emblem was meant to be worn on light blue shirts. Does anyone else find it odd that red is being downplayed so much?
  17. I don’t like the full name on the front, but I am becoming attached to that circle-W. Thicken it up a bit and I may prefer that over the warped W they use now
  18. I remember a long time ago making a concept for a team in St. John’s, NL called Terra Nova FC. I still think that could be a cool name for a team up there if it ever happens
  19. I like the new logo. Everything comes together alright and I barely notice the line weight issues. And in all fairness, this is the first CPL team to call themselves United. We're all just tired of it because of MLS overusing it.
  20. I’d go with the D-and-Tiger with the current D, but I wouldn’t complain about the roundel either.
  21. Well, the last time KC had women's soccer, the team was simply called Kansas City FC. Not sure where you can go from there. If you’re looking for a crest idea, maybe something involving a sunflower, assuming this team would play in Kansas like SKC?
  22. Can’t say I understand the complaints about Austin's shirts. I say count your blessings and be glad it wasn’t another plain black shirt. Besides, this design would lend itself to a cool nickname. Greenblacks has a nice ring to it, methinks.
  23. I’ve always wanted the Birds to use some kind of piping on their uniforms ever since I first saw their 40s throwbacks. I’m not sure if the red cap with blue logo would work as the main hat, unless that was meant to be an alt