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  1. By that logic, we can’t have a front-facing animal either because it would look too much like the Vipers. Like you said, though, this won’t be a problem later on if the league survives long enough to get some expansion teams in.
  2. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say the Wildcats need an actual cat logo to go with their LA monogram, so I came up with a few concepts for one... I had heard that the team was almost called the Wildfires, but the brass came to its senses just in the nick of time. I figured if I made a wildcat logo with some subtle fiery imagery mixed in, that would result in a more unique identity. I made two versions of a side-facing cat, and one front-facing one. Let me hear your thoughts.
  3. If you’re looking for suggestions, how about teal/black/silver for the Xtreme, and navy blue/royal blue/pink for the 'Dogs?
  4. I like that you used the secondary on the helmet, which I think is a much stronger logo compared to the V they’re currently using. I’m not sold on the striping pattern though. Seems a bit conservative for a team in Florida called the Vipers.
  5. Off to an awesome start. Is there a reason you post a B/W version of the logos?
  6. Actually I just found something... So orange is a thing in heraldry after all, but it’s not a color, but a "stain," which are generally treated the same as non-metallic colors.
  7. I’m surprised they aren’t putting ads on the jerseys, like NFL Europe did.
  8. I like that they’re keeping the general shape of the old logo, with that retro googie vibe. Not too wild about the font though.
  9. Ah, see I wasn't under the impression that CanPL was just a developmental league. I guess that’s to be expected when it’s only been around one year. Agreed with @Corvus on the Athletique idea, as well as the fact that the league stepped in as quick as they did after Fury left.
  10. So I heard that CanPL's Ottawa team will be called Athletico Ottawa, after its owner, Atletico Madrid. I really don’t think this is gonna help the league. If this became a trend, domestic clubs being owned by, and named after, foreign clubs, it would imply that those foreign clubs, mainly in Europe, are more important and the only ones in the world worth following. There’s nothing Spanish about Ottawa, so why are they getting a Spanish name? There’s always something to be said for using some local flavor in your branding. At least Man City understood that with its little siblings in New York and Melbourne.
  11. The Niners' wordmark isn’t current.
  12. I’m into heraldry. Some of the rules surrounding it actually has helped me with my designing skills. For instance, the rules prohibit using a dark color from bordering another one, and instead suggests using metals, or the colors that resemble silver and gold, white and yellow. I wonder if other light colors, like orange and cyan, would count as a metal or a color?
  13. An idea for a roundel. I tried one with a red disk for increased visibility, but wasn’t sure if it looked American enough.
  14. If you insist on putting it on the helmet (which could be a cool idea for a once-a-season thing,) I’d lose the stripes on the sides and just have the lettermark.
  15. Has the Auburn one been mentioned already? I’m still angry about that... It was such a minor change, I doubt anyone would have noticed if there was no news about it, and it would’ve made perfect sense to go this route, but everyone was so afraid of change of any kind, stuck in their meaningless traditions with no room for evolution. Who would’ve thought moving one letter a few millimeters could raise such a stink? I dunno... maybe I don’t understand because I’m not from there.
  16. I still think the skull and bones would add some personality to the crest. Maybe even put a knife in its mouth, like Bucco Bruce.
  17. Kind of an odd name for a Phila team but w/e. Nice work so far
  18. Pirates can be rowdy. I don’t see why that can’t be a thing.
  19. Imagine that... Ohio having three teams! You got some great ideas here. Who knows? Maybe the Guardians would be used for a USL team if that ever happens.
  20. They may not be where they were hoping to be by now, but the House That Pelé Built has managed to survive, in some form or other, for 50 years, having been established in 1970 and playing their first season of soccer in '71. I came up with a special logo for them to celebrate. Here's another version with a blue background. You can probably see the 5 better here... So lemme know what you think.
  21. Good picks. The crests look amazing, and I’d say Milwaukee and New Orleans would be good places to develop soccer culture.
  22. I’m kinda disappointed that most MLS teams aren’t sticking with any particular look to help them stand out in the world. Union should bring back its gold center stripe, Dallas needs its hoops back, and Fire should keep it’s red shirt with white bar. Then again, even English teams tweak their looks every now and then. ManU, known for its red/white/black combo, have been known to experiment with red socks, and even white ones, in their time, but that’s small taters compared to what our teams do.
  23. Shame things went the way they did. There were some decent ideas here. I liked the new shape of the shield, the new colors, the flag elements, but I agree there were some rookie mistakes made here that killed it.
  24. Charleston Battery got a new crest. I’ll miss the old one, but I’m glad the new one is not a complete piece of trash. Kinda wish they used a different font instead of Agency, but everything else looks spot on.